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News and Observer Alice’s “Our Lives” Column

Dec 2010 Column “Facing Fears and Thriving”   ***Alice’s Last “Our Lives” Column!***

Nov 2010 Column “Cooking and Her Complex”

Oct 2010 Column “It Was All Worth the Risks”

Sept 2010 Column “Going Airborne Was Just Part of the Fun”

Aug 2010 Column “Mustang Love was a Hard Habit to Break”

July 2010 Column “Learning to Handle the Cactus”

June 2010 Column “Music Feeds Her Soul”

May 2010 Column “Learning the Give and Take of Conversation Wasn’t Easy”

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Academic Paper: A Testimony to Trauma: How Bridges and Lynchings Inform African American Literature, Paper Presented at the New Black South Symposium, UNC-CH, Feb. 24, 2007.