Are You a Clutter Bug?

Are You a Clutter Bug?


My desk before the clean up

My desk before the clean up

I sure am! But things were getting a little too hairy and I was afraid I might fall into my piles of paper, notebooks, binders, and file folders and not come out. My in-laws’ visit this past weekend gave me an accountability date and I filled our recycling bin with over 100 lbs of crap after my cleaning spree. Not looking forward to having to roll that sucker out onto the street. Why did I wait so long in order to clean out my files, the top of my desk, the bottom of my desk, the sides of my desk, etc.





  1. I didn’t want to take the time which I felt could be used for doing client and my own work
  2. It was easier to let things pile up than take the time to sort it all into categories
  3. I didn’t want to feel exhausted after cleaning
  4. I was scared that once I started I wouldn’t stop and there’d be more to clean! (kinda true)
  5. My filing cabinet was stuck


Yes, it did take more than a few days, hours at a time to pare down my office, but now I can see what I’m doing and feel so much better!

clutter 3Yes, I was tired after the cleaning and my allergies perked up thanks to all of the dust, but I moved some serious energy! I also didn’t to buy any organizing supplies. Turns out I had enough hanging file folders, notebooks, folder labels, and notebooks. I pulled out papers I didn’t need, filed the ones I do need and saved the outer coverings. Bonus!

Now the only challenge I have it maintenance, which I’m going to do a better job at than last time!

So , if your paperwork is getting piled into a cool tent-like structure, your books-to-read own their own dust fence, and your spouse is embarrassed to know you—then it’s time to ditch your work at the moment and clean! I promise, you’ll have renewed energy and confidence—after you take your nap. 

After the clean up!

After the clean up!



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  1. Lynne Kensington June 10, 2013

    Okay, so the comment thingy worked this time. :P

    I am a definite clutter bug. When I do clean, I often find poor emaciated dust bunnies dragging their bodies out from under the piles. Once I put them out of their misery and sort through the metric ton of papers that somehow does NOT collapse my dining room table (lucky we don’t eat there!), I feel much better. I usually do the timer method–set a timer for 30 minutes or 45 minutes or a full hour or whatever and just focus on cleaning one area for that time. It helps, giving myself some sort of goal or ending to work with. Once that timer goes off, I give myself the reward of writing for 30 minutes (or 45 or… you get it), and then it’s back to cleaning again after re-setting the timer.

    Good luck keeping your maintenance up!

    • Alice Osborn June 11, 2013

      Thank you so much, Lynne, for the decluttering tip–yes, maintenance is now the new challenge, but so far, so good! Alice:)


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