What Inspires Good Poetry?

National Poetry Month is finally here! I had the pleasure of Michele Tracy Berger of Pittsboro, NC, interview me about my poetry practice. Michele is a creativity coach, writer, professor and yoga teacher. In 2004, she launched The Creative Tickle™, a coaching...

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10 Tips for a Perfect Poetry Reading

It’s almost April and that means it’s almost National Poetry month. Throughout this month, I’ll post a poetry-based blog post every week. And if you live in the Triangle, I’m teaching a poetry workshop on Sunday, April 17th from 2 to 4 p.m. at Page 158 Books in Wake...

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Are You Addicted To Being Busy?

This topic makes me very uncomfortable because I am addicted to being busy. I feel weird and disjointed if I’m not working at all hours, if don’t have 10 projects stacked up, if I’m not stressed out. And when I’ve got downtime, I volunteer so I have something to...

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Why Is Poetry Important to Our World Today?

Poetry is so important because it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. Poetry's strength lies in its ability to shed a "sideways" light on the world, so the truth sneaks up on you. No question about it. Poetry teaches us how to live. Poetry is like...

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Is Balance Even Possible?

Some weeks you just can't achieve any balance—I’m right in the middle of that right now, but you can set a priority of three things you need to accomplish each day. For me, that's editing paid client work, practicing my music (guitar/violin) or dance, and getting my...

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Stop Waging War On Yourself

If you have chronic stress, if you’re feeling burnt out, and are tired of hearing the judgy, Inner Critic voices telling you what you “should” do, then it’s time to let in awareness and compassion for yourself—not just for other people. You do this by asking for help...

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Lessons from Boba Fett

Boba Fett is my muse. Why? He’s the best collection agent EVER, he doesn’t try to please everyone and he rocks his style. Josh Shaffer, a reporter at the News & Observer interviewed me about my Boba Fettish and got to the heart of why I write about him and other Star...

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The Saga of My Right Foot

I am an adult Irish dancer. I took my first Irish dance class over two years ago and liked it so much I switched from a non-competitive to a competitive school, Trionoide Academy of Dance, last December. I never thought much of getting sports injuries because I...

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What Are Your Pain Points?

We all have places of shame, embarrassment, regret and frustration. Crafty entrepreneurs know how to ask a potential client what are their pain points, so they can offer a service or product to help them fix them up. But after we identify our pain points, can we fix...

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Stop Playing Small: What Are You Going to Do Today?

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and now Glenn Frey. January is a little more than halfway over and we’ve already lost three amazing artists. Like you, I’m sad they’re all gone, but while they were with us they took risks, worked hard and never squandered their God-given...

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How to Find a Better You in 2016

I hit the gym for the first time in a long time right after Christmas and New Year’s. Due to having a stress fracture and a crazy travel schedule, I’ve gained five pounds. So I figured I better slog at the gym before I can’t slip into my jeans. My husband and I are...

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My 2015 Year-End Wrap Up

How did 2015 measure up for you? At the end of 2015 I made good on all almost of my promises: to get my book of poetry published after three years (Heroes without Capes) and to get Creatures of Habitat published (Main Street Rag anthology about homes containing...

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5 Ways to Stop Holiday Anxiety

This week’s guestblogger is Dave Baldwin of Raleigh: writer, content producer extraordinaire and Director of Customer Success for Raleigh-based software developer Buzz.Report. Today Dave gives us five tips on how to survive the holiday season if you're a writer. I've...

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How Do You Start Giving Paid Workshops?

How do you start getting folks to pay you to teach workshops? First you have to gain experience, develop curriculum, and understand how to hold a class or a workshop. Start by volunteering for an established, successful writer who gives workshops in your area. In lieu...

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How to Rock at Your First Writers’ Conference

The 2015 NC Writers’ Network Fall Conference (NCWN) is this weekend in Asheville. Even if you are completely prepared, you might feel nervous, especially if it’s your first conference. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. By reading this post, I’ll help you rock your...

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What Would Boba Fett Do (WWBFD)?

To know me is to know I love Boba Fett, the most notorious bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. I write Boba Fett poetry, some of which is published, and of course there's a whole slew of Boba Fett poetry in my new book of poems, Heroes without Capes. I also aspire...

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IMG_3008My name is Alice Osborn and I’m a born editor and a very picky reader. As a kid, I had to analyze books, movies and songs. Had to. My dad often told me I “thought too much,” but I couldn’t help it. I remember reading books that I wish were better written and I’d ask questions about why the author didn’t mention so and so. At the time I didn’t know what the phrase “plot hole” meant, but that’s exactly what I found in all of the fiction I encountered. As a result I started reading nonfiction, comic books and “movels” — movie novelizations; as least the plot didn’t lack any key elements and I already knew how the story ended. The only “fiction” I could stomach were the Greek myths since they were character-driven tales where the god/goddess/mortal had to cross almost insurmountable odds to achieve their goals. They were also violent. I loved the story where Artemis is bathing and a poor slob enjoys the peep show. He doesn’t last long since she turns her dogs on him. Perhaps this is why I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, which is really a myth disguised as Luke Skywalker’s coming of age story of finding the home in his heart.

Speaking of Star Wars, I also loved going to the movies where I’d beg my father to sit through the credits so I’d know where it was filmed and who did the sound editing.  He always complied and never told me it was a little weird. Well, he probably understood me since he always pointed out anachronisms. For instance, in Raiders of Lost Ark which was supposed to take place in 1936, they showed a 1942 Ford, and boy did that mistake bother him! My husband, Keith, a vintage car owner, also loves to point out these issues to me, which makes only one trait my father and husband share.

Going to the movies and to the comic book store with my dad turned out to be one of our favorite things we’d do together. Thanks to Dad, he also bought me and my brother several comic book subscriptions: Spiderman, G.I. Joe and Star Wars that would arrive in our mailbox in brown paper wrapping.  My brother never read the comic books meant for him, so I became an enormous G.I. Joe fan by reading the comic book while playing with all of his action figures. Again, I loved the strongly developed characters and how they picked on each other while laughing in the face of danger. One of my favorite lines was, “You’re about as funny as a hand grenade.” No wonder I loved Predator and The Hurt Locker; both war dramas with strong characters and intense action. You know I’m also a fan of Lost for these same reasons and haven’t missed an episode since it premiered in 2004.

In college I majored in business and worked at Belk in several capacities for nine years. I dabbled in writing, but it wasn’t until I began grad school at NC State in English did I enter “editing world” through the tutoring portal. I tutored students in writing and speaking throughout my grad school stint, but I edited too much. That was OK, I’m not a tutor; I’m an editor.

One of my strengths is finding plot inconsistencies and working out character timelines in addition to performing the grammar, proofreading and line editing functions. I also love fact checking like my dad used to do at the movies. My clients love this about me and never get weirded out when I bone up on their subject and totally immerse myself in their world.

There was a time about eighteen months ago I was thinking about giving up editing so I could concentrate on my own writing projects. Editing others’ work does take up your life, not leaving much room for your own creativity. Then a friend of mine said, “Don’t quit; there aren’t many really good editors out there; we need you!” So I stayed in the game and began receiving stronger work to edit. I realized that I was not being picky enough with my clients since after all, I’m  a very picky reader! My mother also told me that my grandmother, her mother, was an editor. Soon after, I found out my first cousin had a 20-year editing career! Editing is definitely in my blood and I must embrace who I am. Like Luke Skywalker, I found my true calling after a lengthy search.

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