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9 Secrets to a Successful Book Launch Party by Sylvia Inks

Once you’ve finished writing and publishing your amazing book, you need to celebrate this important milestone with a book launch party!  Many new authors are so busy trying to meet the deadlines of their first book, that they don’t plan for this or think it’s necessary.  I certainly made that mistake and only realized that [...]

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Get Your Foot in the Door at Local Bookstores

Photo Credit: Steven Whitsitt Congratulations! You will have a published book soon—now begins the fun challenge of getting folks to buy your book and perhaps make it a best-seller! How do you go about doing this? First of all, take a look at your author brand. Who is your target audience? What does [...]

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Get More When You Ask More

Do you ask for what you want or do you say, “Nah, that’s too much trouble and besides…they’ll say ‘no’ anyway.” WRONG. BAD ATTITUDE. Yes, it may cost you a little pride if you ask for something and the decision maker says “no,” but who cares? You bothered to ask and there’s a big chance [...]

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How Do You Book a Book Signing?

When you’re a self-published author you have to book your own signing gigs, much like independent musicians book theirs. Even small press authors have to book signing gigs because their press doesn't have the manpower to book for them. How do you go about doing this? And how do you even get folks to come [...]

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Lesson from John Denver: Too Much Self-Promotion?

I recently received some feedback that I promote myself too much and that I should “tone it down.” I didn’t reply, but still wanted to thank the giver of that feedback. Why? Because if I’m promoting too much it means I’m doing something right and I’m getting out there. Also, I know that I give [...]

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How to Host a Book Launch Like a Boss!

Last week I celebrated two book launches for Heroes without Capes (check out more info about my book by clicking here), my new book of poems from Main Street Rag Publishing Company. I read my poems, sang my songs that originated from my poems and told stories about how this collection came to be born. [...]

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How Do You Book a Book Signing?

When you’re an independent author or publish with a small press or are a poet, you have to book your own signing gigs, much like independent musicians book theirs. Your publisher is too small to do it for you. How do you go about doing this? Well, today we’re going to discuss booking a gig [...]

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Put Your Ego in a Box: An Interview with Noelle Granger

Hello readers, I’m thrilled to post this interview with author Dr. Noelle Granger, professor emerita at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. This former dean at the UNC School of Medicine published her first mystery novel, Death in a Red Canvas Chair and now Death in a Dacron Sail has just been published. [...]

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6 Tips for Creating Knock-out Book Trailers

Want to know more about book trailers? In this guestpost by Rona Simmons, author of the new novel, Postcards from Wonderland, you’ll learn valuable tips on how to create a book trailer for YouTube and your website so you can generate buzz for your book. Read on!   With my new novel, Postcards from Wonderland, [...]

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