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How to Awaken the Imagination in Writing and Business

Thank you, Dave Baldwin for another fantastic post about how tips from a noted novelist can help you overcome your writing blocks. Enjoy and be inspired! And if you'd like to know more about the craft of writing fiction, check out my new webinar series STARTING TOMORROW:   How to Write the Next Great American Novel [...]

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How to Make Money without Selling Your Soul

If you have dreams of starting your own creative business , don’t worry that you’re not big enough. As you’ll soon find out from Dave Baldwin’s review of Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, you’ll see that bigger isn’t always better. You can retain control of your vision and not get absorbed into a huge corporate [...]

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Take a Risk Today

Today we welcome Yoga with Olga, who shares with us how life coaching and Bikram hot yoga have much in common. I’ve known Olga for many years through our business networking groups and she always offers gentle wisdom that’s spot on. Her blog today may remind you of Finding Nemo. In the film you’ll recall [...]

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Don’t Please Everyone

In today’s post, Dave Baldwin discusses Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, about how we all are artists in this new century, no matter if our profession is in human resources or novel writing. Enjoy! Would you like to contribute to Write from the Inside Out? I am currently considering new guestbloggers on the topics of [...]

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Rev Your Fiction Back to Life!

Calling all fiction writers! Is your manuscript flabby, dull and nearly dead? If yes, you need a full shot of Raymond Obstfeld's Fiction First Aid. Read fiction writer, teacher and editor Belea K. Keeney's review of this how-to book below to give you the help you may desperately need. Thank you, Belea for this terrific review! AND [...]

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How to Avoid Bad Meetings Forever

Read This Before Our Next Meeting Today we welcome back regular guestblogger Dave Baldwin to Write from the Inside Out. Dave discusses the book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting by Al Pittampalli. Meetings don't have to be like a page from Dilbert--they CAN be effective if they are conducted for the right purpose. [...]

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Build Your Professional Network While You Sleep

How does one do this? By writing a blog, course! Today regular contributor Dave Baldwin shares his thoughts on how writing a blog can build your network while you sleep so that when you do connect with colleagues face-to-face the hard introduction part is already done. Enjoy! Last week, someone made a comment [...]

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Behind the Book: Tattoos, A Main Street Rag Short Fiction Anthology

How many of you remember VH1's "Behind the Music"? Popular in the late 90s, "Behind the Music" was my favorite show when I was single living in Myrtle Beach. I had it on whenever I wasn't working--the conflict, the drama, the bad hair....well, the behind the making of Tattoos, A Short Fiction Anthology from Main Street Rag, [...]

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How to Beat Procrastination

Today we welcome back Dave Baldwin to Write from the Inside Out. Dave has beaten back the procrastination bug a few times in his life like we all have. Enjoy his post and book review of John Perry's The Art of Procrastination.  Ah, yes—procrastination. “I’ll get around to that later.” Much as I hate to admit [...]

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Do Olympians Multitask?

Here's another thoughtful guestpost from regular contributor, Dave Baldwin. Are you one of those writers who multitasks on a regular basis? Dave bets you that's not how the gold medalists made it to the top of the heap in London. Read on and enjoy! The Olympics have served as a reminder to me that breakthrough performance [...]

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