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Find the Hero Within: Get Out of Your Own Way!

Are you getting in our your own way and stopping yourself from achieving fantastic things like publishing a book, landing higher-paying clients, securing a prestigious speaking or conference gig? Chances are you may be sabotaging your potential successes due to old scripts playing in your head. Or perhaps you’re fearful of success. What? Fearful of [...]

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5 Essential Road Trip Tips for Authors

  I just came back from driving six hours to the beach and back—all in the same day. This recent trip to teach Reiki and Writing made me realize that I have quite a few more road trips to undertake because my new book, Heroes without Capes is hitting the shelves in a few weeks! [...]

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Procrastination and the Art of the Deadline

This week’s guestblogger is writer, content producer extraordinaire and sales process architect Dave Baldwin of Raleigh. I’ve known Dave for over eight years starting when he was one of my open mic participants. Since then, we’ve collaborated on writing workshops, writing projects, referrals and blogging. I consider him a great friend and he'll be posting [...]

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Facing Your Fears: 5 Tips to Move You Forward

  Young businesswoman opening stage curtain to another reality As writers and fellow creatives, facing our fears (see my post on fighting fear) is something we do almost on a daily basis. We may open ourselves up to rejection and judgment more than folks who work in your typical 9-5 office, but the [...]

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Happy Birthday to Me! Write from the Inside Out is 9 Years Old!

It’s my birthday—well, Write from the Inside Out’s birthday. Blow out the candles and I can cry if I want to! We’re 9 years old this month—can you believe it? Throughout the years, my basic offerings haven’t changed: editing, author mentoring and writing workshops. My first workshop in 2006 was a creative nonfiction class at [...]

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5 Ways to Fight Fear

My "secret" weapon for fighting fear Fears. We all have them. As writers, we can experience the fear of failure, the unknown, rejection, and criticism all in a few minutes or maybe even seconds. It’s okay to be afraid, but not okay if we let our fears stop us in our tracks. I [...]

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6 Awesome Ways to Value Yourself as a Writer

You feel like an imposter. You hear voices telling you, “What makes you think you’re a writer? What makes you think you’re any good?” How do you combat these voices and be the rock star author millions will read? How do you value yourself so others value you? Read on!   1. Show Up! And [...]

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The Secret to Attract Awesome Clients

When I first started my writing business I didn’t think about the kind of clients I wanted to attract. If they paid me, then they were great clients! I wouldn’t have thought it possible to turn away ANY client. These were the dark days of the Great Recession and I needed money to pay for [...]

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What Are You Grateful For Today?

As a kid I was forced to write thank you notes to my paternal grandparents (and Aunt Karyl) and maternal grandmother (and Aunt Suzanne) every Christmas. I remember my dad would take me to his office in downtown Washington, D.C. the day before school started back up after winter break so I could write my [...]

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Three Tips for Surviving Tor-mentors

During the climb of your Hero’s Journey to your goal of finishing your book, mastering public speaking or finishing your first marathon, you’ll meet awesome mentors and supportive friends, as well as “tor-mentors.” Tor-mentors are jokers who first appear to you as mentors and teachers, but then change their tune when they feel threatened by [...]

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