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How to Prepare For Your First Writers’ Conference

You’re packing for your very first writers’ conference. What do you bring? What do you say? Relax, I have a few tips for you so you can make the most of your investment, because conferences do cost you in terms of time and dollars. If you arrive prepared and collected, you’ll be sure to leave [...]

By | November 13th, 2013|Creativity, Networking|4 Comments

Invest in Yourself: Attend a Writers’ Conference

Today we welcome guestblogger Shamina N. Williams to Write from the Inside Out! I met Shamina at the NC Writers' Network Fall Conference on November 3, after my "Writing for the Internet" panel during the Brilliant at Breakfast Panel Discussion. I was immediately drawn to her energy and I set her up to guestblog before [...]

By | November 19th, 2012|Networking, Writing|4 Comments

Book Tours: Better with Friends

Out-of-town author book tours can be an exciting time, but they can also be demanding on your energy, stamina and not to mention your wallet. If you need to drive long-distance to your gigs why not consider taking a friend, or literary roadie, along? The miles will whittle away so much faster with [...]

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When Should You Launch Your Book?

You’ve heard of the old adage: location, location, location when planning a successful in person book launch party, but did you also think to study the calendar? There’s a reason why the publishing industry pushes out books in the spring and in the fall—that’s when consumers are ready to stock their shelves, iPads, [...]

By | May 22nd, 2012|Networking|2 Comments

How to Throw an Awesome Book Launch House Party

  You’ll have your new book in your hands in a few months AND of course you want your book in many other hands too, with preferably a sell-out situation on the horizon. Want a fun way to draw in readers while meeting new people and audiences? Host or co-host a house party. [...]

By | May 1st, 2012|Networking|6 Comments

What is the Real Secret of Networking?

How much should you networking? How much is too much or too little? Regular contributor Dave Baldwin shares his insights on networking based on his own experiences and upon reading Great by Choice by Jim Collins. Enjoy and hope you leave here today with a renewed sense of where networking fits into your business. In [...]

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How Do You Book a Book Reading?

Whether you’re an independent author (read self-published), or publish with a small press or are a poet whose name is not Billy Collins or Maya Angelou, you have to book your own signing gigs, much like independent musicians book theirs. Your publisher is too small to do it for you. How do you go about [...]

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How To Network When You’re An Introvert

Here's another guestpost from regular contributor Dave Baldwin. Today Dave shares with us how being an introvert can work for you, not against you, in the world of networking. Enjoy! I recently interviewed Steve Hand, current Director of the Raleigh-area Business Network International (BNI) chapters since 2007. BNI is a referral-based business networking organization. Members [...]

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Networking for Introverts: The Power of Collaborative Guest Blogging

Today we welcome regular guestblogger, Dave Baldwin for his first post of 2012! Dave's been blogging at Write From the Inside Out for almost a year--that shows real commitment, staying-power and strategy. Dave talks about the power of guest blogging and I hope you'll be inspired to seek out blogs to showcase your work so [...]

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Can Networking Hurt Your Work?

Are you Networking Instead of Working?   Are you keeping your calendar full with meeting new people but can’t seem to find the time to get any work done? As a freelance writer and entrepreneur when do you draw the line of working in your business (networking) instead of on your business (working on client [...]

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