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Don’t Eat and Network

Networking is not a free food free-for-all like back in college. Good God man, show some dignity. I’ve seen too many people at events eating like my 9-year-old son does: he parks himself in a strategic spot in front of the honey BBQ chicken wings, forks over some ranch dip and then once finished, follows [...]

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Writers Conference Tips from a Veteran Conference Goer

  What am I thankful for? Living in North Carolina for one! Don't you know North Carolina is the Writingness State? I'm also thankful for the North Carolina Writers' Network Fall Conferences and if you keep reading this post you'll pick up a few tips from me. Writing conferences are fabulous opportunities to [...]

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Pretty in Pink: When Cancer is Present But Insurance Is Not

I'm posting something a little different today because I want my readers to know more about what the Pretty in Pink Foundation does to fight breast cancer in North Carolina. This is a fight all of us can support since one out of eight women will deal with breast cancer at some point in their lives. [...]

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Is There Such Thing As Too Much Self Promotion?

I recently gave an online blogging class and on the evaluation form I was told “instructor (meaning me) used too much self promotion.” Too much? I thought back to what I did and yes, I did have a signature tag for my e-report on blogging content and I did mention I was giving a free blogging [...]

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Networking for Writers

  In today’s competitive publication climate networking can make all of the difference between your books sitting a cold box in storage or in customers’ warm hands. And even before you publish, networking can help you connect you to editors, agents and to your readership. Perhaps in the old days writers didn’t have to be [...]

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Alice’s Recent Spots on Two Radio Shows

I wanted to share the podcasts of two radio shows I was on recently with two very generous hosts: Pat Howlett and Jean Bailey Robor. I spoke about how I became a writer, my path to publication and more~Enjoy!    Pat Howlett's Experts Grip Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio (1/2 hour) . Click Here to [...]

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How to Host a Kick-Ass Book Launch

A month ago on January 28th I celebrated my book launch for Unfinished Projects, my book of poems from Main Street Rag Publishing Company. I celebrated with 45+ people, many of whom weren’t poets, but came out at the end of a long work week in the dead of winter to hear me read my [...]

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Effective Face-to-Face Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Networking both within your field and outside your field is one of the most effective ways to build your reputation and grow your business since most people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. The most effective networkers got that way through practice, patience and skill since they know that effective [...]

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Preparing For Your First Writers’ Conference

Share Your Comments About this Post Here. You’re packing for your very first writers’ conference. What do you bring? What do you say? Relax, I have a few tips for you so you can make the most of your investment, because conferences to do cost you in terms of time and dollars. If you arrive [...]

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How to Meet Agents At A Writers’ Conference

You need to have a strategy. If you have a manuscript that is agent-ready, meaning that is has been revised at least 15 times and you’ve gone over it with a fine-toothed comb, you are ready to travel outside of your state and comfort zone to meet an agent in your genre at a writing [...]

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