5 Ways to Stop Holiday Anxiety

This week’s guestblogger is Dave Baldwin of Raleigh: writer, content producer extraordinaire and Director of Customer Success for Raleigh-based software developer Buzz.Report. Today Dave gives us five tips on how to survive the holiday season if you're a writer. I've been doing a lot of travel this season and sometimes you can get more done while you wait on [...]

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Procrastination and the Art of the Deadline

This week’s guestblogger is writer, content producer extraordinaire and sales process architect Dave Baldwin of Raleigh. I’ve known Dave for over eight years starting when he was one of my open mic participants. Since then, we’ve collaborated on writing workshops, writing projects, referrals and blogging. I consider him a great friend and he'll be posting [...]

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5 Tips for Booking Your Blog

Are you a writer who wants to be a published author? You may unknowingly have already started on your masterpiece! If you have a blog, that is. If your goal is to finish your book this year, why not use your blog to make it happen? You can attract the attention of publishers thanks to [...]

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Five Tips for Booking Your Blog

Enjoy another spot-on blog post from writer Dave Baldwin on booking your blog: If you have a book in your head and you are struggling to find an effective way to write it, publish it, market it, promote it, and—gulp—make money at it, I have good news and bad news. The good news: you have more [...]

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