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Just Do It! You Can Write a Book This Year!

Today’s interview guest is Michelle Brovitz (pen name Alanna Christine), who has just published her first book, the memoir, How I Got a Horse Out of a Toilet and now resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Michelle and I met over five years ago and she’s the one who convinced me to go to my 20th [...]

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6 Tips for Creating Knock-out Book Trailers

Want to know more about book trailers? In this guestpost by Rona Simmons, author of the new novel, Postcards from Wonderland, you’ll learn valuable tips on how to create a book trailer for YouTube and your website so you can generate buzz for your book. Read on!   With my new novel, Postcards from Wonderland, [...]

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12 Tips for Bolder Writing–Right Now!

We all want to be better, more capable writers and it all starts with cleaner prose that closes up the distance between the author and the reader. Use this check list the next time you're self-editing your fiction, as well as your memoir and poetry. You're welcome!         Use strong nouns and [...]

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Lessons from a First Time Novelist

Today we welcome Heather Cobham of Oriental, North Carolina, to Write from the Inside Out. Besides being an author, she's a licensed clinical social worker and works as a counselor in a private practice in New Bern, North Carolina. I've known Heather for over 7 years when she lived in Raleigh and we attended a women's [...]

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Spring Mini Blog Tour: 4 Questions Answered

If you’re an author, it’s quite common to be asked about your next project. And if you're an author, you've always have homework to do! This is the reasoning behind this spring mini blog tour where authors answer four questions about their upcoming work. I'm honored to be tagged by Megan Cutter, co-author with her [...]

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Three Stellar Secrets for Beginning Writers

Today novelist, editor, ghostwriter, equestrienne and Star Wars fan, Belea T. Keeney of Apex, North Carolina, shares her tips on diving deep instead of spreading yourself out too thin when you first start writing fiction. Read on!     When you start out writing, you may be so fired up and enthused that you jump willy-nilly [...]

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5 Tips For Surviving Your First Writers’ Critique Group

Today we welcome author Emily Roberson, now of Dallas, Texas, who shares five tips on getting past your fear of critique groups. Writers need to have a thick skin in order to succeed and having your work pored over and critique in your first writing group is what all successful authors have to go through. [...]

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Ten Reasons You Should You Hire an Editor

If you’re serious about publication, you’ll need to hire an editor before you send your manuscript off to agents. I’m directing this post mainly to fiction writers who want to be traditionally published, but this information also applies to nonfiction authors, as well as those who are considering the self-published route. You’ll get the best [...]

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5 Tips for Booking Your Blog

Are you a writer who wants to be a published author? You may unknowingly have already started on your masterpiece! If you have a blog, that is. If your goal is to finish your book this year, why not use your blog to make it happen? You can attract the attention of publishers thanks to [...]

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Don’t You Dare Double Space After a Period!

I need to post this blog again as a PSA for my current and future editing clients—while taking out double spaces from manuscripts can be very meditative, it is also time-consuming/labor intensive. Plus, many writers don’t know they shouldn’t double-space, especially if they are coming from a government or scientific background which still uses double [...]

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