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What Are You Writing Right Now? Blog Hop

If you’re an author, it’s quite common to be asked at a reading what’s your next project. You always need to be working on something, or you might as well hang up your pen! The question, “What are you writing right now?” inspired this blog hop where a number of writers from all over the [...]

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Motivate Yourself to Write

Today we welcome again regular guestblogger, Dave Baldwin who shares his insights on Daniel Pink's followup to A Whole New Mind--Drive, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. As writers, why do we do what we do? What's really motivating us? Enjoy!   This month I decided to crack open Drive by Daniel Pink. It came [...]

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How To Value Yourself as a Writer

Alice signing her new collection, TATTOOS for an eager reader at the TATTOOS book launch It’s 2013 and you’ve promised yourself you’ll be a writer this year. You’ll write every day, take writing workshops, draft, revise, and submit. But something doesn’t feel quite right: you feel like an imposter. You are hearing voices [...]

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Goodbye 2012! Here’s My Year-End Wrap Up

All in all, 2012 was a pretty good year, but this economy needs to get moving in the right direction, already!   As we say “so long, farewell” to 2012 and hello to 2013, here are some of my highlights from the past 12 months.   In April 2012, my 3rd book of [...]

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Behind the Book: Tattoos, A Main Street Rag Short Fiction Anthology

How many of you remember VH1's "Behind the Music"? Popular in the late 90s, "Behind the Music" was my favorite show when I was single living in Myrtle Beach. I had it on whenever I wasn't working--the conflict, the drama, the bad hair....well, the behind the making of Tattoos, A Short Fiction Anthology from Main Street Rag, [...]

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Use Food to Unblock Your Writing

Everyone has to eat—that’s a fact. Because food is such a universal element, describing food with sensory techniques will always draw your reader into your work. When you’re stuck not knowing how to get to the next scene, consider inserting some sort of food experience. How does the food taste, smell, sound like, look like [...]

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Invest in Yourself: Attend a Writers’ Conference

Today we welcome guestblogger Shamina N. Williams to Write from the Inside Out! I met Shamina at the NC Writers' Network Fall Conference on November 3, after my "Writing for the Internet" panel during the Brilliant at Breakfast Panel Discussion. I was immediately drawn to her energy and I set her up to guestblog before [...]

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8 Tips for Hiring a Ghost Writer

If you have a great idea for a book, but you don’t consider yourself the kind of writer who is capable of tackling a project that large, you may be considering the idea of hiring a ghost writer. You might have a compelling life story, or you might have accumulated a unique and valuable set [...]

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What’s 50,000 Divided by 30? Welcome to NaNoWriMo!

November's National Novel Writing Month (called NaNoWriMo for short) is only a few short days away! Are you ready to write a 50,000 word book in 30 days? To answer the question of "What's 50,000 divided by 30?" It's 1,666.67 or the number of words you need to write everyday in November so you [...]

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Author and Medium

Here at Write from the Inside Out, we love to get into the Halloween spirit! What better way than to have a guest post from Ron Pappalardo, author, speaker and psychic medium. Enjoy Ron's post on what you didn't know about the man behind Sherlock Holmes: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The 2011 movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game [...]

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