Be the Hero of Your Story: A Memoir Workshop with Alice Osborn

Location: Page 158 Books
158 S White St, Wake Forest, NC 27587
Sunday, August 9, 2015 Time: 2-4 p.m. Tuition: $25 
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When you write your memoir you are the hero. You have overcome obstacles, experienced failures, braved the elements and have come out on top. In this 2-hour program, you’ll learn how you can harness the power of your hero’s journey for future generations. In-class writing exercises and gentle feedback from experienced writing teacher Alice Osborn will help you generate memorable prose using all of your senses. Alice will help you create a gripping beginning, as you recover childhood memories and deal with painful material without coming off as a victim. Alice will also provide information on publishing your memoir. We invite all levels of writers to join us.


Write Your Memoir in 6 Weeks: An Intensive Workshop with Alice Osborn

Location: Center for Excellence, 3803‐B Computer Dr. Ste. 106 Raleigh NCOct Memoir Classes 011
Thursday, August 13 to Thursday, September 17, 2015 (Class meets for 6 Thursdays)
Time: 11:30am—1:30pm—Bring your lunch! Tuition: $99
Required Reading: No Rehearsal: A Memoir by Brenda Bartella Peterson
Additional editing package is $250
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Get on track with finally writing your memoir with Write Your Memoir in 6 Weeks where you’ll have in-class writing exercises and feedback to help you construct your memoir and build upon your foundation. Move forward in the direction you want to go by creating a memoir that will dazzle your readers using the Hero’s Journey and turning points. While we’re together, we’ll also read No Rehearsal: A Memoir by Brenda Bartella Peterson. This workshop is best-suited for writers who have previous writing experience or who have been working on their memoirs. Participants bring their own lunch. If you’d like Alice to edit your memoir pages during the class, consider purchasing the $250 editing package (valued at $800) which includes up to 60 pages or 25,000 words.


Writing and Reiki with Alice Osborn at the Babes on the Beach 2015 Women’s Fiction & Romance Writer’s Retreat

Location: Trinity Center
618 Salter Path Rd, Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512
Time: Sunday August 23 to Thursday August 27 (Alice’s class is Wednesday, August 25)
Fee: $599 double occupancy room ($699 single), includes room, board and all workshops
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Alice Facebook profileAlice Osborn will be giving a workshop on “Writing and Reiki” at the Babes On The Beach 2015, a writer’s retreat for men and women who write women’s fiction and romance. Featuring leading literary agents, editors and published authors in the field, Babes On The Beach 2015 offers a variety of workshops to advance the serious writer with a goal of becoming a professional writer, or enhance the skills of the professional already equipped with a strong foundation in fiction writing. “Writing and Reiki:” The powerful love and energy of Reiki can help writers release blocks, discover their voices and feel empowered with intention. In this energetic yet relaxing workshop, Reiki Master practitioner Alice Osborn will use guided meditations and gentle writing prompts that incorporate all of the senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, your six sense). She will also teach several self-care Reiki techniques to promote balance, harmony and self-love. After this workshop, you’ll be able to incorporate these Reiki techniques whenever you feel tired, stressed or creatively blocked. Ultimately, Reiki is about letting go of expectations, which will deepen your journey as a writer who cares about her well-being. Babes On The Beach 2015 is a Holloway Literary event.


Introduction to Comedy Writing with Alice Osborn

Location: Wake Tech, Northern Campus, 6600 Louisburg Rd., Raleigh, NC
Monday, September 14, 2015 – Sept 28 (Three Mondays) Class # 145683
Time: 7-9:30 pm, Room: Bldg E/330
Fee: $71.50
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Writing memorable comedy can be so rewarding and so terrifying all at the same time. Getting folks to laugh exposes the author to fear and anxiety, but usually these risks are worth the reward! In this class with experienced author, editor and humorist Alice Osborn, you’ll learn basic comedy writing: the rule of 3s, timing, detail, absurdity and acute observation. Alice learned that once she injected humor into her writing, more people liked her work—imagine that! We welcome anyone who wants to liven up their prose or poetry. All writers at all levels of experience are welcome.


Sharpen Your Writing: Master Class in Advanced Fiction and Memoir Craft Techniques

Location: Center for Excellence, 3803‐B Computer Dr. Ste. 106 Raleigh NC 27609
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Time: 9-4pm. Please bring your own brown bag lunch.
Fee: $99    To Register, Click Here

When you write your memoir, you are the rock star of your story. When you write fiction, your characters are the rock star of your story. In this all-day workshop with editors/authors Alice Osborn and Belea T. Keeney, you’ll learn how you can harness the power of your inner rock star by charting your narrative arc, finding your theme and giving your characters a strong voice. Dialogue, scene vs. summary, passive voice, point of view, motivation, backstory, and characterization will also be covered. After completing this workshop you’ll be ready to focus on your manuscript with laser precision to bring out a novel or memoir your readers will enjoy and remember. We invite all levels of writers to join us.


Refunds, Cancellations and No Show Policy

Revised Refund Policy as of 1/22/15

Any refunds will incur an administrative fee of 50% of the workshop fee or will receive a full credit toward a future workshop if cancelled more than 5 days before the workshop. Cancellations made one to five business days before the workshop forfeit the entire tuition or will receive a 50% credit toward a future workshop. No shows and cancellations made the day of the event (or after) forfeit the entire tuition and any future credit.


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