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book cover woman floating in airWithin my first full length collection of dramatic monologues and narrative poems, meet famous and infamous figures from history, myth and pop culture who show varying degrees of heroism and loneliness.

Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from Star Wars, is a recovering alcoholic working hard at changing the script of his past. While all the Predator (click on the link to find out more who he is) wants to do is buy beef at Walmart. “Ring butcher bell, and Charlie comes right away./What wonderful service! And fills up cart./Few ground chucks spill out and hit feet./Ouch, I have tender feet like bananas.”

Also featured are the Devil, Ellen Ripley from Aliens, the Virgin Mary, LBJ, Darth Vader, Benedict Arnold, Captain Bligh, Princess Leia, Dick Cheney, the Road Runner and many others.

You’ll also meet Nolan, the split foyer house who is under tremendous stress and Dina the Delta jet who wishes her passengers possessed more taste.

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A Poetry Sampler

Old Derelicts

My wheels, scuffed and half-buried in the split
blanket of grass, circles of time repeating,
like my owner’s circle on his left finger,
pale reminder of a lost commitment.

His cake-yellow hands no longer
grip my steering wheel
after parking me next to the barn
seven jobs, three states ago.

We built carports together in suburban D.C.
for one car, four-person families
where summer’s humidity vacuumed choked air
and winter’s glass iced cracked roads.

I remember him splicing wood,
sanding planks, a Winston between his teeth.
Tool belt slaps against the tailgate
as he fumbles fickle nails in my bed.

Imagine he creaks home to a singlewide trailer,
mildew traces the last rainfall along the siding,
and PBR cans form a Tic-Tac-Toe pattern
in the chain-link fence.

I stare ahead, sleep to the crickets
in the Chatham County twilight,
missing his voice, light like rain,
yet smoked with whiskey and dust.

The Chorus Presents: Ripley of Acheron 

Against our constant warnings,
You have five minutes to evacuate!
she descends in the elevator,
shedding her blue jacket, shedding her mind-killers–
always watchful with her duct-taped
pulse rifle and flame thrower to rescue
the girl, her Persephone from
the Queen of the Eggs.

This Demeter is something of an immortal–
while in cryo-sleep she outlived her Earth daughter
and once returned to her planet, chose
a space station’s safe orbit, refusing
to walk barefoot in the prairie grass
or view stars burning with death.

She brings her own star justice to the Queen’s eggs,
dripping with mucous as one hatches…
saving the girl before the pomegranates eat her.
Angels hum to the sulfured air.
The two rise to the unstable surface,
what was rage in her descent is now fear.
You have two minutes to evacuate!
This wounded goddess could lose everything;
she’s fighting gods with their own agendas–
before it was only her and her vengeance.
You have 30 seconds to evacuate!
The android Hermes flies
to mother and daughter before enfolding them
aboard the Sulaco as the dead world explodes.
The humans and near human flinch
to shock waves rising higher and higher
in the moon’s atmosphere.
But all we know Hades won’t let
Persephone ever leave
the underworld.

What They’re Saying About

Heroes without Capes

“Alice Osborn’s Heroes without Capes proves that anybody-even you-can be somebody’s hero. The quest is the thing, the struggle against daunting obstacles. Osborn catches her heroes in make-or-break situations from which there is no turning back. Good guys and bad, the characters range from historical figures like LBJ, Dick Cheney and Captain Bligh to sci-fi characters from Star Wars and Predator, and a few inanimate objects: an airplane and a house. In her fast-paced, well-crafted and boisterously entertaining narrative poems, Osborn manages to give all her heroes their distinct voices while never losing her own.”

Richard Allen Taylor

“These poems by Alice Osborn–a number of them wonderfully hybrid and distinctive in form-draw a steady bead on heroes and the heroic and, within that malleable context, the anti-hero as well.Heroes without Capes deftly imagines a hierarchy where the fanciful as well as the mundane are rendered not only heroic, but mythic. The language is tough, sanguine, funny and, above all, memorable. This is a strong book of poems.”

Joseph Bathanti

“In Heroes without Capes male voices of real or created personas are often packed with sardonic humor. For instance, Nolan, the split foyer in a home for sale says, ‘Just don’t call me white trash with new paint.’ These crystal voices sometimes echo like dirty old men nailed for their callow characters, such as boozer Boba Fett who finds religion, changes careers, and drinks only water. An amazing book-finely tuned, plumbed, and fun!”

Sara Claytor

“Alice Osborn has a unique, pop culture-savvy, poetic voice. She’s also a GOTDAMN TRIP! I mean, there’s a poem in this book where the Predator goes to-WALMART! And, really, that’s all that needs to be said.”

Craig D. Lindsey

“Ambitious and sweeping in scope, Heroes without Capes is a vibrant, wonderful contribution to the complicated topic of heroic identity. When all is said and done, Alice Osborn may be the greatest hero of them all.”

Jason Mott

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