Product Description

Big news! My new book of poetry, HEROES WITHOUT CAPES is now available to order HERE! $14.00 with $3 shipping/handling


Within my first full length collection of dramatic monologues and narrative poems, meet famous and infamous figures from history, myth and pop culture who show varying degrees of heroism and loneliness. Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from Star Wars, is a recovering alcoholic working hard at changing the script of his past. While all the Predator (click on the link to find out more who he is) wants to do is buy beef at Walmart. “Ring butcher bell, and Charlie comes right away./What wonderful service! And fills up cart./Few ground chucks spill out and hit feet./Ouch, I have tender feet like bananas.” Also featured are the Devil, Ellen Ripley from Aliens, the Virgin Mary, LBJ, Darth Vader, Benedict Arnold, Captain Bligh, Princess Leia, Dick Cheney, the Road Runner and many others. You’ll also meet Nolan, the split foyer house who is under tremendous stress and Dina the Delta jet who wishes her passengers possessed more taste.




Watch this Video to find out how HEROES WITHOUT CAPES first started!