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7 Ways Poetry and Comedy Are Incestuous

If you think poetry has to be serious all of the time—think again! Aristotle wrote about his views on comedic thought in his second book of Poetics (unfortunately, it’s lost) knowing these two art forms were closely related. I found out how close they really were because I needed to steal my own notes. Around [...]

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Spring Mini Blog Tour: 4 Questions Answered

If you’re an author, it’s quite common to be asked about your next project. And if you're an author, you've always have homework to do! This is the reasoning behind this spring mini blog tour where authors answer four questions about their upcoming work. I'm honored to be tagged by Megan Cutter, co-author with her [...]

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How to Stop Being a Serious Poet

If you attend a Tyler Johnson poetry reading you are guaranteed to be entertained. Tyler, of Carrboro, North Carolina, is an accomplished musician on the guitar, mandolin and banjo, as well as a seasoned folk and contra dancer. At his readings, he will get you moving with his melodies. Our paths crossed when he found [...]

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How to Have a Stellar Book Launch

Your new book arrived at your doorstep yesterday and that’s a very good thing—your book launch is tomorrow! Yikes! Now that you have your book in hand, what else do you need for a stellar launch? Hopefully, you've been planning this event for a few months and have everything all organized, but if not, you can still [...]

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How to Throw an Awesome Book Launch House Party

  You’ll have your new book in your hands in a few months AND of course you want your book in many other hands too, with preferably a sell-out situation on the horizon. Want a fun way to draw in readers while meeting new people and audiences? Host or co-host a house party. [...]

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The Story Behind Alice Osborn’s Poetry

What's the story behind my poetry? I thought it was only fair to spend a little time talking about new book, After the Steaming Stops available now for $10 till the end of April! Read some of my poems here. I also want you to check out this video (only 2:30 minutes!) from Diogenes Ruiz of [...]

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Celebrate Alice Osborn’ s New Book!

My new book, After the Steaming Stops  (Main Street Rag, 2012) has now been published and I'm proud to announce my listing of upcoming readings and events. My book is $10 (reg $11) throughout the month of April and available via my website. Hope you can make some of these book events! here they are: [...]

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What’s Your Platform?

In this competitive publishing environment, the word platform gets bandied about as something everyone must have, but do you know what it means? I first heard the word platform when I was running for student government in high school: it meant what new proposals would I plan to carry out if/when I was elected. Unfortunately, [...]

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Alice’s Recent Spots on Two Radio Shows

I wanted to share the podcasts of two radio shows I was on recently with two very generous hosts: Pat Howlett and Jean Bailey Robor. I spoke about how I became a writer, my path to publication and more~Enjoy!    Pat Howlett's Experts Grip Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio (1/2 hour) . Click Here to [...]

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How Poetry Can Make You Write Better

Is your novel suffering from bloat? Have your words lost their bouncy and lean touch? Tired of the lumpiness in your paragraphs? Fear not, reading poetry can improve your writing and get you back on the smooth writing track. We tell each other poetry to make sense of our world and to communicate feelings when [...]

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