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Alice and Her Music Got On TV Inauguration Day

While Alice Performed at Third Friday Durham at the Parlour in Durham she got on TV! Alice on TV January 20, 2017 WRAL video clip from Jan 20, 2017   Location:  The Parlour, 117 Market St., Durham, NC 27701 Friday, January 20, 2017   Alice Osborn performed her special blend of roots and Americana music [...]

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My 2016 Year-End Wrap Up

Yes, 2016 will go down as a crazy-ass year that had some major, major lows (bye Carrie Fisher!), but I’d like to declare 2016 as my year of getting more selective. This year I became more selective with how I acquired clients and I became more selective with where I spent my free time so [...]

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Get Your Foot in the Door at Local Bookstores

Photo Credit: Steven Whitsitt Congratulations! You will have a published book soon—now begins the fun challenge of getting folks to buy your book and perhaps make it a best-seller! How do you go about doing this? First of all, take a look at your author brand. Who is your target audience? What does [...]

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Are You Addicted To Being Busy?

This topic makes me very uncomfortable because I am addicted to being busy. I feel weird and disjointed if I’m not working at all hours, if don’t have 10 projects stacked up, if I’m not stressed out. And when I’ve got downtime, I volunteer so I have something to do—crazy! But this is wrong. I [...]

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What Would Boba Fett Do (WWBFD)?

by Anton van Dort To know me is to know I love Boba Fett, the most notorious bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. I write Boba Fett poetry, some of which is published, and of course there's a whole slew of Boba Fett poetry in my new book of poems, Heroes without [...]

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How to Set Better Boundaries

Six years ago I emceed a monthly open mic, a monthly morning networking writing group and book club. I also led a weekly women’s networking referral group. I had client work due on a Thursday, the same day as the morning networking group, and had to tell the client I couldn’t finish her work. It [...]

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My New Book is Almost Out–Heroes without Capes

It’s exciting when your new book is about to be published. Heroes without Capes will available for pre-orders for only a few more weeks. What that means is that you get a $6.50 discount off the book’s retail price of $14 and it will shipped to you as soon as it is published—which will be [...]

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How to Enjoy a Poem: Happy Poetry Month

  Happy National Poetry Month! We're almost at the half-way point~I was graciously interviewed by Lidy Wilks of iheartallstories to celebrate the 30 days of Poetry Month. Enjoy and hope you learn something new about me~ What was the first poem you’ve ever read? All of the Mother Goose nursery rhymes were my favorites when I [...]

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5 Tips on How to Make a Living as an Author

The way to make money as an author is by first NOT making money—volunteering is the secret to your longevity as an author, writer, editor and/or teaching artist.   By doing so, you’ll gain the 3 C’s: CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE and COMPORTMENT, plus you'll get people to show up. If you don't have readers or an [...]

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4 Tips for a Writing Mom to Stay Sane

How are you doing at balancing work and family? As an entrepreneur, mom, and wife some weeks are manageable and some are particularly stressful. Here are some of my tips to keep your life in balance without facing burnout.         How far is the gig? I look at the distance from my [...]

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