5 Tips on How to Make a Living as an Author

The way to make money as an author is by first NOT making money—volunteering is the secret to your longevity as an author, writer, editor and/or teaching artist.   By doing so, you’ll gain the 3 C’s: CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE and COMPORTMENT, plus you'll get people to show up. If you don't have readers or an [...]

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5 Tips for Booking Your Blog

Are you a writer who wants to be a published author? You may unknowingly have already started on your masterpiece! If you have a blog, that is. If your goal is to finish your book this year, why not use your blog to make it happen? You can attract the attention of publishers thanks to [...]

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Build Your Professional Network While You Sleep

How does one do this? By writing a blog, course! Today regular contributor Dave Baldwin shares his thoughts on how writing a blog can build your network while you sleep so that when you do connect with colleagues face-to-face the hard introduction part is already done. Enjoy! Last week, someone made a comment [...]

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Five Tips for Booking Your Blog

Enjoy another spot-on blog post from writer Dave Baldwin on booking your blog: If you have a book in your head and you are struggling to find an effective way to write it, publish it, market it, promote it, and—gulp—make money at it, I have good news and bad news. The good news: you have more [...]

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Five Easy Ways to Video Blog

Using video on your blog can instantly help you build trust, credibility and your expert standing. Video can also give your potential clients a keen sense of what you do and how you do it. For instance, if you're blogging about "5 Ways to Boost Traffic On Your Website," wouldn't your message be more powerful if you could [...]

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