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Use Food to Unblock Your Writing

Everyone has to eat—that’s a fact. Because food is such a universal element, describing food with sensory techniques will always draw your reader into your work. When you’re stuck not knowing how to get to the next scene, consider inserting some sort of food experience. How does the food taste, smell, sound like, look like [...]

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How To Be An Effective Writer

1. Show Up! And want to make it as a writer. This means don't talk about being a writer – actually sit down in that chair and write! You have to want it so that it takes over everything else! Sometimes you'll have to sacrifice your social life and your sleep in order to get [...]

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What’s So Transformative About Transformative Writing Anyway?

Today we welcome author Pat MacEnulty who currently hails from Charlotte, NC. Enjoy this post about transformative writing--multi-layered writing that not only can change society, but the individual. Pat will also be coming to Wonderland Book Club in March 2013. I had tea with a poet yesterday afternoon at a local coffee shop, and he [...]

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Goodbye 2011! Here’s My Year-End Wrap Up

All in all, 2011 was fairly decent with a few lows and many more highs. As we say “so long” to 2011 and hello to 2012, I felt the need to be self indulgent and review my year with you!   2011 was the year my book, Unfinished Projects published by Main Street Rag, debuted. [...]

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My Earliest Food Memory

Today we welcome back guestblogger, Ashley Acornley, RD, LDN to Write from the Inside Out. Ashley blogs at Fresh From the Farm, which is packed with useful information about finding nutritious and tasty farm fresh foods in your area.  Please check it out! Enjoy as Ashley shares her first food memory. For those who have [...]

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Guestpost: The Art of War Book Review

Today we welcome back regular contributer, Dave Baldwin who will share his thoughts with us about Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Thanks again, Dave! I first read The Art of War in 2009, when the library didn't have the book I was looking for. I kicked myself for having not read it sooner. I [...]

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Guestpost: Stephen King’s “On Writing”

Today we have regular guestblogger Dave Baldwin to talk about Stephen King's On Writing with us! *** After countless urgings from numerous friends (some writers, some not), I finally broke down and read On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. I’m glad I did, and I expect to give the book a [...]

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Why I Teach Memoir

I teach memoir because I want to help others remember the past.  I want others to preserve their memories so no one’s left wondering what happened? Writing down the past provides a link, like a rope between the past and the future. Some people want to capture their stories to give something real and tangible [...]

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Alice’s Upcoming Workshops

Alice Osborn's new slate of 2010 workhops

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