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3 Steps for Taming the Inner Critic

Everything was fine until you showed up. That’s how you begin a story. Your story. Anyone’s story. The story of your life’s trials and tribulations which has brought you here today. Your story can be a wonderful motivator, but it can also hold you back and shackle your dreams.

That’s how I rewrote my Inner Critic—aka […]

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Guestpost: Coach Olga Tames the Inner Critic

Today I want to welcome my new guestblogger, Coach Olga Monroe of Raleigh, NC as she shares valuable tips on taming that Inner Critic! Welcome, Olga, and I look forward to having you guest blog again here at!

“When life turns upside down, stand on your head!”  I frequently recall this quote from Bapsy Jain’s […]

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Finding Freedom from Your Inner Critic

When was the last time you heard this?:

You’re wasting your time writing this garbage
You’re just a dreamer!
Why do you think anybody cares what you have to write?
Nobody in your family ever did this before!
When you fail, you’re going to be a laughing-stock and look at all of the time you wasted!
You failed before and you’ll […]

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