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How the Right Criticism Can Help You Grow

I love teachers who kick my butt—means they care, right? That’s how you grow. I have teachers who are invested in my learning and aren’t lazy—it takes effort to give constructive criticism. Now that the Olympics have ended, I’m sure all the gold medal athletes had caring coaches who didn’t hold back when their charge [...]

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Stop Waging War On Yourself

If you have chronic stress, if you’re feeling burnt out, and are tired of hearing the judgy, Inner Critic voices telling you what you “should” do, then it’s time to let in awareness and compassion for yourself—not just for other people. You do this by asking for help and by being gentle with yourself. I [...]

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3 Steps for Taming the Inner Critic

Everything was fine until you showed up. That’s how you begin a story. Your story. Anyone’s story. The story of your life’s trials and tribulations which has brought you here today. Your story can be a wonderful motivator, but it can also hold you back and shackle your dreams. That’s how I rewrote my Inner [...]

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Guestpost: Coach Olga Tames the Inner Critic

Today I want to welcome my new guestblogger, Coach Olga Monroe of Raleigh, NC as she shares valuable tips on taming that Inner Critic! Welcome, Olga, and I look forward to having you guest blog again here at! “When life turns upside down, stand on your head!”  I frequently recall this quote from Bapsy [...]

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Finding Freedom from Your Inner Critic

When was the last time you heard this?: You’re wasting your time writing this garbage You’re just a dreamer! Why do you think anybody cares what you have to write? Nobody in your family ever did this before! When you fail, you’re going to be a laughing-stock and look at all of the time you [...]

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