After Failure, Tell Yourself a New Story

Elaine Bayless is an author, life coach and retreat facilitator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. We've been colleagues and friends for a long time. While we were having coffee a few weeks ago I asked her what she does after a failure--because let's face it: all writers fail at some point. I wish I was [...]

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Guestpost: Coach Olga Tames the Inner Critic

Today I want to welcome my new guestblogger, Coach Olga Monroe of Raleigh, NC as she shares valuable tips on taming that Inner Critic! Welcome, Olga, and I look forward to having you guest blog again here at! “When life turns upside down, stand on your head!”  I frequently recall this quote from Bapsy [...]

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Guestpost: Writing for My Life

Today we feature Guestblogger Gretchen Staebler who writes the blog "My View From the Garden." Thanks so much, Gretchen! Writing for My Life “What would you do if nothing were standing in your way?” It is such an irritating question. Obviously there is a great deal blocking the way or I would be doing it; so [...]

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Speaking Your Truth Book Review

Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women by Lisa J Shultz and Andrea Constantine My rating: 3 of 5 stars Reviewed by Guestblogger, Jane K. Andrews. Jane is a good, good friend of mine who is an accomplished poet, short story writer and trivia queen. Do not play Trivial Pursuit against her--you will surely lose.Speaking [...]

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