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Goodbye 2011! Here’s My Year-End Wrap Up

All in all, 2011 was fairly decent with a few lows and many more highs. As we say “so long” to 2011 and hello to 2012, I felt the need to be self indulgent and review my year with you!   2011 was the year my book, Unfinished Projects published by Main Street Rag, debuted. [...]

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One or Two Feathers Book Review

One or Two FeathersJo Barbara Taylor’s debut poetry collection, One or Two Feathers, contains imaginative, fresh writing that is full of color and soft sensuality. Nature is always at the center of these poems about personal love and loss, but not all of these poems are serious.  When Taylor’s wit is on display, she delivers [...]

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Seriously Dangerous Book Review

My review of Helen Losse's Seriously Dangerous ran in Issue 65 of The Pedestal Magazine. Read the full length version here. Enjoy!!! What’s God’s intention? What is out there that we cannot see? In her new book of poems, Seriously Dangerous, Helen Losse meditates on God, Jesus, the passing of time, prayer, racism, and injustice, [...]

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Alice’s Recent Spots on Two Radio Shows

I wanted to share the podcasts of two radio shows I was on recently with two very generous hosts: Pat Howlett and Jean Bailey Robor. I spoke about how I became a writer, my path to publication and more~Enjoy!    Pat Howlett's Experts Grip Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio (1/2 hour) . Click Here to [...]

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How a Correspondence Course Can Fast Track You to Publication

In 2011 do you want to be published? Do you want to learn how to be a better writer? Do you want to receive individualized teaching? Do you need an accountability partner to keep you on the creative track? Then consider taking a correspondence course! With a correspondence course, which is a form of distance [...]

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How Poetry Can Make You Write Better

Is your novel suffering from bloat? Have your words lost their bouncy and lean touch? Tired of the lumpiness in your paragraphs? Fear not, reading poetry can improve your writing and get you back on the smooth writing track. We tell each other poetry to make sense of our world and to communicate feelings when [...]

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Why I Write Poetry

Poetry is an important part of who I am and how I see the world. Poetry opens me up to possibilities of sound and rhythm, plus it helps me say what is so hard to put into words. I also love how poetry demands that I see the space we live in as more than [...]

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The Red Tower Book Review

The Red Tower by David Rigsbee ***SPECIAL NOTE***Meet David Rigsbee at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill this Wed. 1/12 when he reads his poetry along with Peter Makuck (Long Lens). Reading starts at 7pm My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars Over David Rigsbee’s prestigious poetry and writing career, he has amassed seven full-length poetry collections. [...]

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