How to Take the Nightmare Out of Networking

If you want to be a super networker, focus on helping someone else every time you attend a networking event. I know networking events can seem scary, especially if you attend one alone and don’t know anyone there except the host. If you weren’t the popular kid in middle school or high school they can [...]

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Build Your Professional Network While You Sleep

How does one do this? By writing a blog, course! Today regular contributor Dave Baldwin shares his thoughts on how writing a blog can build your network while you sleep so that when you do connect with colleagues face-to-face the hard introduction part is already done. Enjoy! Last week, someone made a comment [...]

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What is the Real Secret of Networking?

How much should you networking? How much is too much or too little? Regular contributor Dave Baldwin shares his insights on networking based on his own experiences and upon reading Great by Choice by Jim Collins. Enjoy and hope you leave here today with a renewed sense of where networking fits into your business. In [...]

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Never Eat Alone: Advice for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Today we welcome back regular guestblogger Dave Baldwin who shares his book review of Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi with us at Write from the Inside Out. As always in his blog posts, Dave provides you with valuable insights from his own hard-won experiences. Read on and we'd love to hear from you in the [...]

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How To Network When You’re An Introvert

Here's another guestpost from regular contributor Dave Baldwin. Today Dave shares with us how being an introvert can work for you, not against you, in the world of networking. Enjoy! I recently interviewed Steve Hand, current Director of the Raleigh-area Business Network International (BNI) chapters since 2007. BNI is a referral-based business networking organization. Members [...]

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Networking for Introverts: The Power of Collaborative Guest Blogging

Today we welcome regular guestblogger, Dave Baldwin for his first post of 2012! Dave's been blogging at Write From the Inside Out for almost a year--that shows real commitment, staying-power and strategy. Dave talks about the power of guest blogging and I hope you'll be inspired to seek out blogs to showcase your work so [...]

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Can Networking Hurt Your Work?

Are you Networking Instead of Working?   Are you keeping your calendar full with meeting new people but can’t seem to find the time to get any work done? As a freelance writer and entrepreneur when do you draw the line of working in your business (networking) instead of on your business (working on client [...]

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Don’t Eat and Network

Networking is not a free food free-for-all like back in college. Good God man, show some dignity. I’ve seen too many people at events eating like my 9-year-old son does: he parks himself in a strategic spot in front of the honey BBQ chicken wings, forks over some ranch dip and then once finished, follows [...]

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Networking for Writers

  In today’s competitive publication climate networking can make all of the difference between your books sitting a cold box in storage or in customers’ warm hands. And even before you publish, networking can help you connect you to editors, agents and to your readership. Perhaps in the old days writers didn’t have to be [...]

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