7 Ways Poetry and Comedy Are Incestuous

If you think poetry has to be serious all of the time—think again! Aristotle wrote about his views on comedic thought in his second book of Poetics (unfortunately, it’s lost) knowing these two art forms were closely related. I found out how close they really were because I needed to steal my own notes.

Around Christmastime […]

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How to Enjoy a Poem: Happy Poetry Month


Happy National Poetry Month! We’re almost at the half-way point~I was graciously interviewed by Lidy Wilks of iheartallstories to celebrate the 30 days of Poetry Month. Enjoy and hope you learn something new about me~

What was the first poem you’ve ever read?
All of the Mother Goose nursery rhymes were my favorites when I was a preschooler […]

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How to Stop Being a Serious Poet

If you attend a Tyler Johnson poetry reading you are guaranteed to be entertained. Tyler, of Carrboro, North Carolina, is an accomplished musician on the guitar, mandolin and banjo, as well as a seasoned folk and contra dancer. At his readings, he will get you moving with his melodies. Our paths crossed when he found […]

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Are You Happy?

Happiness is about finding your passion and doing it every day—no matter what others think or what is popular or what obstacles you face. And this is long-term happiness I’m talking about, not short-term stuff you get with drinking, checking Facebook or ice cream. Happiness is hard and it takes focus. Happiness comes from within, […]

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Transcendental Telemarketer Book Review

Dreaming of exotic travel? The sun never sets on Beth Copeland’s poems in Transcendental Telemarketer. This remarkable collection explores the locales of India, Japan and Wake Forest, North Carolina and there’s an added bonus: this book will also take you on a Zen journey of the sacred in the natural world.


The first section begins […]

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What Are You Writing Right Now? Blog Hop

If you’re an author, it’s quite common to be asked at a reading what’s your next project. You always need to be working on something, or you might as well hang up your pen! The question, “What are you writing right now?” inspired this blog hop where a number of writers from all over the […]

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Poetry Reading

Next Thursday you’re going to read at your first open mic and you know you don’t want to bomb.


Don’t fear—help’s on the way!


After several years of poetry reading experiences here are ten tips I’ve curated for you so you’ll be remembered for your presence and poetry, not for the mic you knocked down or for […]

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One or Two Feathers Book Review

One or Two FeathersJo Barbara Taylor’s debut poetry collection, One or Two Feathers, contains imaginative, fresh writing that is full of color and soft sensuality. Nature is always at the center of these poems about personal love and loss, but not all of these poems are serious.  When Taylor’s wit is on display, she delivers […]

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Smart Foods For Writers

Today we welcome back guestblogger, Ashley Acornley, RD, LDN to Write from the Inside Out. Ashley blogs at Fresh From the Farm, which is packed with useful information about finding nutritious and tasty farm fresh foods in your area.  Please check it out! Enjoy as Ashley shares how writers can stay healthy while balancing long […]

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What Makes a Successful Open Mic Series?

Chances are if you’re a writer you’ve been to an open mic. What was it about that open mic last night that made you want or not want to come back? Was it the people, the venue, the performances or all three? After over two years of running my own open mic series and attending scores of open mics I’ve come up […]

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