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10 Open Mic Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve had the pleasure of leading literary open mics in my writers’ community in Raleigh since 2009. After a few years’ break, I co-host the monthly Main Street Rag Raleigh Reading Series at So & So Books in downtown Raleigh a block from the historic Krispy Kreme.   I’m also been singing/playing a lot on [...]

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10 Tips for a Perfect Poetry Reading

It’s almost April and that means it’s almost National Poetry month. Throughout this month, I’ll post a poetry-based blog post every week. And if you live in the Triangle, I’m teaching a poetry workshop on Sunday, April 17th from 2 to 4 p.m. at Page 158 Books in Wake Forest. Click on the link for [...]

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5 Holy Secrets of Open Mics

Open Mic in Raleigh I’ve had the pleasure of leading literary open mics in my writers’ community since 2009. Recently, I’ve joined forces with the Main Street Rag Raleigh Reading Series which hosts a monthly open mic and a featured author at So & So Books in downtown Raleigh. I’ve learned a lot [...]

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Poetry Reading

Next Thursday you’re going to read at your first open mic and you know you don’t want to bomb.   Don’t fear—help’s on the way!   After several years of poetry reading experiences here are ten tips I’ve curated for you so you’ll be remembered for your presence and poetry, not for the mic you [...]

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Writers: How Not to Bomb

When you’re nervous before a reading, open mic or a speaking event you’re that way because you don’t want to bomb. You don’t want to be humiliated and asked never to come back.  You also don’t want to let your audience down. Maybe you’ve had a less-than-ideal speaking experience and you’re afraid lightning [...]

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How to Host a Kick-Ass Book Launch

A month ago on January 28th I celebrated my book launch for Unfinished Projects, my book of poems from Main Street Rag Publishing Company. I celebrated with 45+ people, many of whom weren’t poets, but came out at the end of a long work week in the dead of winter to hear me read my [...]

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Last Minute Gift Idea: Alice’s Unfinished Projects

As you know my new poetry book Unfinished Projects, published by Main Street Rag is now available! You can buy it through me personally or via my website, Main Street Rag's website or at these three Triangle-area bookstores: Storyteller's Bookstore in Wake Forest, Northgate Books at Northgate Mall in Durham or Flyleaf Books [...]

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Ten Benefits of an Open Mic

I’ve been a regular open mic reader for over six years and an open mic instigator, known properly as a host, for eighteen months. Organizing open mics takes a lot of work: setting up the venue, marketing the event, organizing the reading schedule, testing the mic, making sure folks don’t go over their time and [...]

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