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How Do You Start Giving Paid Workshops?

How do you start getting folks to pay you to teach workshops? First you have to gain experience, develop curriculum, and understand how to hold a class or a workshop. Start by volunteering for an established, successful writer who gives workshops in your area. In lieu of paying her fee or the full fee, volunteer [...]

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What’s So Transformative About Transformative Writing Anyway?

Today we welcome author Pat MacEnulty who currently hails from Charlotte, NC. Enjoy this post about transformative writing--multi-layered writing that not only can change society, but the individual. Pat will also be coming to Wonderland Book Club in March 2013. I had tea with a poet yesterday afternoon at a local coffee shop, and he [...]

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Finding the Perfect Workshop Venue for You

How do you know when you’ve found the perfect workshop venue? It’s usually when your students ask you to teach more workshops in that space! Now depending on what you teach you’re going to have different requirements for your students. Some of you may even use your own home as your workshop space, but you [...]

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Goodbye 2011! Here’s My Year-End Wrap Up

All in all, 2011 was fairly decent with a few lows and many more highs. As we say “so long” to 2011 and hello to 2012, I felt the need to be self indulgent and review my year with you!   2011 was the year my book, Unfinished Projects published by Main Street Rag, debuted. [...]

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Writers Conference Tips from a Veteran Conference Goer

  What am I thankful for? Living in North Carolina for one! Don't you know North Carolina is the Writingness State? I'm also thankful for the North Carolina Writers' Network Fall Conferences and if you keep reading this post you'll pick up a few tips from me. Writing conferences are fabulous opportunities to [...]

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Five Easy Ways to Video Blog

Using video on your blog can instantly help you build trust, credibility and your expert standing. Video can also give your potential clients a keen sense of what you do and how you do it. For instance, if you're blogging about "5 Ways to Boost Traffic On Your Website," wouldn't your message be more powerful if you could [...]

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Why I Teach Memoir

I teach memoir because I want to help others remember the past.  I want others to preserve their memories so no one’s left wondering what happened? Writing down the past provides a link, like a rope between the past and the future. Some people want to capture their stories to give something real and tangible [...]

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