If you’re a busy mom, entrepreneur, author AND you have a busy social calendar this holiday season—how do you wow while boasting awesome holiday style?

Here are my 4 tips for success:

Comfortable shoes

Cliff Clavin (played by the great John Ratzenberger), the lovable know-it-all postal working from Cheers and one time Jeopardy! contestant declared that, “if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes, life is just chaos. I mean the greatest accomplishments in history have been made by men wearing accommodating shoes. Uh, Frasier, tell me, who do you think is the greatest thinker in all mankind? (Frasier: I don’t know, uh, Aristotle.) There you go: sandals. Perhaps the most comfortable shoe there is. You hardly even know you have them on. I mean Confucius: thongs. Einstein: loose loafers.”

Maybe that’s why powerful, accomplished women wear comfy shoes!

Ladies: wear boots you can stand in or shoes that have a low heel. Holiday parties are standing-only parties, so you want to make sure your feet go the distance! I worked retail for years and my go-to was a square heel, round toe shoe. I know that’s a little 90s for you, but the square heel is coming back. I also love platforms and wedges because you get the height without the pain. Trivia for you: Peter Cushing who played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars refused to wear tight boots for his role as the evil Imperial leader who destroys Princess Leia’s homeworld. Instead, he wore comfy bedroom slippers.

Cocktail purse that holds your business cards

How many times have you gone to an office party or cocktail networking event and the person you’re talking to doesn’t have her business cards because they didn’t fit in her cocktail purse. NO EXCUSE! BRING YOUR CARDS! If your cocktail purse is that tiny not to hold cards, then we need to talk. I’m in favor of smaller purses at parties so passersby don’t knock your big carry-all purse around crowded corners—this happened to me when I didn’t feel like changing purses. Also, don’t leave your cocktail purse at your table—take it with you so you can have your cards available. I left my purse behind once and got $20 stolen out it—taught me my lesson.

Black is not a color

Stop wearing all black—it’s boring and funereal. Maybe you’ll feel slender, but you’ll definitely look like you’re trying to hide something. Stand out! Try a dress all in blue, red, white (yes, it’s OK to wear after Labor Day), silver, gold or purple. Try prints. And if you can’t stay away from black where a scarf in a bright color so you have a pop of color next to your face.


I think ponytails are a cop-out unless you’re having a horrible hair day. Instead, why not braid your hair? Try a messy bun, an up-do or do a blow out if you have curly hair or curl your hair if you have straight hair. Make yourself proud of your hair. The good thing about Christmastime is that there is low humidity unless you live in Florida.

602px-Taylor,_Elizabeth_posedAnd finally, put some thought into your makeup and skincare. Take your makeup off with remover after the party and slather on moisturizer. Drink water. Go to the makeup counter so the beauty advisor can show you some up-to-date techniques. My only caution is to take them to task if they give you the same intensity of makeup with what you walked in with—so if you don’t have much makeup on when you sit down, don’t let the makeup lady go all lazy on you with minimal application because it “looks like you don’t wear much makeup.” Make them show you “smoky eye” and “bright lips.” I used to be a makeup lady so I know how some of them can cut corners. And then buy something.

Have a great time this Christmas and New Year’s! And remember to wear comfortable shoes!

 Your Turn:

What are your tips for holiday party style?