1 hr 10 min

Alice Osborn and David Poston – Socially conscious poetry, essays and songs on Charlotte Readers Podcast

In today’s episode, we meet poet and prose writers Alice Osborn and David Poston, who share their socially conscious poetry, essays and songs (Alice sings, not David, who only hums a bit).

We explore a variety of thought-provoking and haunting topics, including David’s essay on how reading made him a better person in the face of the me-against-you movement and Alice’s obsession to write prose and sing songs about the Donner party, a family that traveled west for a new life over 170 years ago and got stranded in the snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We talk about Frankenstein, hear a poem about Chuck Norris and Jesus and one called “Bottom Drawer,” where a library book about civil rights was hidden by a young girl from her father.

We start first with Alice reading the poem, “Hunger” and David reading the poem, “When Hot People Die.”

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