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Well, we finally made it to the Season Finale — I was really starting to miss everyone after a two week hiatus! Now it’ll be almost a year hiatus as Season 3 doesn’t start until June 2010. I loved how the image of the wedding was recycled at the end of the episode and how we saw an evil wedding and then later a noble proposal. I also admired the recycling of seeing Andy next to a murder by his car. Remember in this season’s episode 1 that our characters found Ms. Jeannette in drunk Andy’s car? We have some very clever writers here. This episode was written by the talented Alexander Woo and directed by Michael Cuesta. In the second half of the show I noticed a familiar-looking woman seated at the bar — it was none other than Charlaine Harris herself! (the book creator behind all things Bon Temps and Sookie Stackhouse).

The first part of the episode opened with Sookie stripping from the dress she has been wearing for two days straight into a very tasteful bridemaid’s gown. As Lafayette claps in the background, Sookie can’t believe her eyes that Mariann is dressed in her Gran’s bridal gown! The nuptials proceed on the front lawn as Bill convinces Sam he must “sacrifice” himself for the town. Sookie doesn’t think Bill knows what he’s doing, but he does…Sam shifts into a beautiful white bull and yanks Mariann’s wicked black heart. Bill is stunned after Sam has drank his blood — now do they have a blood bond? How does this work? In any case, the town wakes up and wonders why they’re all in orgy attire at Sookie’s house.

Andy gets his badge back since Bud concedes, “At least you’re wearing pants,” and Jane Bodehouse finds her lost finger. Eggs isn’t doing so well and I knew at this moment that this episode might be Eggs’s last. I won’t miss him. He only served Mariann and he was BORING! He wants Andy to kill him (he could have really hurt Andy) and Jason does his hero thing.

I know Team Eric fans are still mad that he got about 2 minutes of airtime, but they were a good 2 minutes (he’s so much better to watch than the Queen!). We find out that he’s in league with the Queen on the selling of the V – very interesting. So the Book people are wrong about Bill and the conspiracy theory that Bill works wit h the Queen so that she can get Sookie. Bill is good — deal with it! Alan Ball is definitely diverging from the source materials and it’s a grand thing.

I was surprised that the boxed dress Sookie receives is from Bill — wow, they actually can go on a date? I thought the dress may have been from Eric. And Jessica? She sure can act so innocent, but now she’s a truck stop vamp whore — did Maxine’s rants change her and lower her self esteem even more? Poor Hoyt…that scene where he leaves the roses at the Compton house was heartbreaking.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Bill to propose to Sookie (just like in real life when Stephen Moyer proposed to Anna Paquin — I wonder if Alan Ball changed his original story to suit this development?). So much has happened in so short a time and it was very realistic that Sookie needs to take a moment and soak it all in. Bill was very gracious during her indecision (Go, Bill! you’re always the gentleman) and then he got yanked by the silver garrot. I know he wishes he hadn’t reserved the restaurant.

What a cliffhanger, right? And you knew there would be one, just like at the end of Episode 12, Season 1. What a season? I know I’ll need to think about everything that has happened since June 12th, but can firmly say that “I Will Rise Up” (the death of Godric) and “Timebomb” were the best episodes.

Lorena or Eric is behind Bill’s kidnapping and it was cool that Sookie was there when it happened so that she stays that more involved. Alan Ball says we’ll meet Debbie Pelt and the werewolves — should be lots of fun.

Are you sad about the end of Season 2? What did you think of the Season Finale? Was it satisfying enough?

till next time!