Corporate Training

Alice OsbornCorporate Training Current Offerings: It’s OK to Toot Your Own Horn Do you advocate for others, yet remain silent when the situation calls for speaking up on your own behalf? Doing a great job includes communicating what you’ve done and how you did it. Are you an introverted entrepreneur who needs guidance on getting the word out to others about what you do? With experienced networking expert Alice Osborn as your guide, learn tips and pointers for increasing your confidence to advocate for yourself and inspire others in the process. Alice will also discuss how you can toot your own horn so others can continue to toot it for you in the future! Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn to identify and understand your strengths.
  • How to self-promote, which means telling others about your accomplishments through social media and face-to-face networking.
  • Enhance your own presentation of your skillsBook Alice Today 

It’s a Blog Eat Blog World We all know blogging is vital to build your “platform” and attract readers. If you have a blog do you get stuck trying to figure out what to say in your blog posts? You are a writer, but how many times does frustration hit when you don’t know what to say! Do you wonder how other bloggers always have something new to contribute?  Blogs grow and attract readers because of their content and because they help readers solve problems. Join experienced blogger Alice Osborn as she shares tips and tricks on gathering ideas, creating the perfect headline, and using your posts to develop a longer book project. All of these techniques have proven results! Most of all, Alice will drive home that blogs need to be reader-centered and they need to answer the question: why should I care? Audience Takeaways:

  • Be a more confident blogger
  • Know that you can write a blog using your own expertise
  • Know what blogging is and what it is not Book Alice Today 

Say What You Mean to Say: Tips on Writing Articles to Bring Traffic to Your Website Writing content-rich articles that link back to your website will increase your page ranking, will bring visitors and customers to your site, and will increase others’ awareness of what you do. But it takes work and effort. Alice Osborn, writing expert and teacher, will show you simple tools and tricks to keep you committed so that your article marketing campaign will transform you into the sought-after expert in your field. She’ll also discuss idea generation, common dos and don’ts as well as creating the perfect profile and headline. Alice believes that no one else can write about your business as well as you can. So no more excuses—let’s start writing today! Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn how to craft a 600-word article
  • Learn how to market your articles
  • Develop an article-writing strategyBook Alice Today 

Email 3.0 This is a not-to-miss seminar for anyone who emails for business! Do you often wonder if you’re sending the right message via email? In this presentation you’ll learn how to maximize your subject/greeting/signature lines, how make your message clear, how to properly use the bcc/cc address lines and also learn what’s acceptable grammar and punctuation in your personal and business emails. Your email correspondence reflects on you, so make sure you’re writing in your best professional light! Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn how to make your email messages clear to your recipients.
  • Save valuable time and energy.
  • Elevate your email know-how and strategy.Book Alice Today