Today I want to welcome my new guestblogger, Coach Olga Monroe of Raleigh, NC as she shares valuable tips on taming that Inner Critic! Welcome, Olga, and I look forward to having you guest blog again here at!

“When life turns upside down, stand on your head!”  I frequently recall this quote from Bapsy Jain’s Luck EverydayLuck Everyday is a story about the human spirit’s ability to adjust to the challenges that life throws our way.  Throughout my life I have remained flexible and have adapted to my circumstances.  Bravery, inner strength and resiliency give me the staying power to contribute to life and serve those around me.  Staying power stands up to the Inner Critic that many of us carry within us.  In this post I will share tips on how to battle your Inner Critic and keep your motivation going.

What is the most significant relationship, situation and/or challenge that you face?  I suggest that you identify, name and objectify this obstacle.  Visualize a physical object associated with this issue; name it (if there isn’t already one) and notice the physical sensation(s), in your body, when you experience this challenge.  An example is that of guilt over an issue.  Guilt is one of the most toxic inner critics.  I visualize guilt as an old, nasty, smelly, worn out plastic object.  Whenever I feel that nauseous sensation in my stomach associated with guilt, I say to the nasty object, ”I recognize your presence………..”  Then there are many personal questions, comments and conversations that you may have with this object.  For example, “I recognize your presence.  What is it that you want from me?  Why are you here?”  Take time to breathe, quietly and intently.  Allow yourself to listen.  What do you hear?  Give yourself the chance to stop and pay attention to what your senses are telling you. 

Create awareness and objectify your situation.  Then you have the power over the circumstances as opposed to the circumstances controlling you.

On a more positive note, what is working about your life?  Make a list of blessings, give thanks and gratitude for these and draw on them as anchors.

Thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation of one’s blessings is one of the most powerful and therapeutic antidotes to the inner critic.

“A thankful heart turns sorrow into joy, drudgery into pleasure, pessimism into optimism, depression into hope, hatred into love.  Thankfulness is a choice!”  Gregory Mollner

The hardest, most challenging and disliked situations are the ones that we need the most.  I call the negative voices that haunt, defeat and hold us back from our dreams, the Saboteur or Gremlin. The irony is that if the Saboteur is there, then that is the place in which we need to dig deeper. Confronting our Saboteur can be a formidable challenge, but what awaits us on the other side is our Higher Self. Once we identify the factors of this equation, the rest is a matter of regular and conscious practice.

Day by day, we grow beyond what we thought was possible for ourselves.  Look back at circumstances a few months ago, one year ago and a few years ago.  What were the state of affairs in your life?  How do those situations relate to the present?  Where is the learning?

There is a way for everyone to succeed, as long as we learn, grow and use each experience, there is the ability to receive and share the benefits of life.

The last suggestion I wish to make is to allow yourself to rely on a community for support. Remember that we are all part of a grand, evolving Universe.  Drawing on friends, family and fellow like-minded people is a source of support, inspiration and love.

About Coach Olga

Olga is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach & Mentor who passionately inspires and motivates clients desiring to realize and achieve their life purpose to their fullest potential through a system of perspectives.  She encourages her clients to see the world and its many opportunities in a new way by learning to step fearlessly into their roles as leaders at work, in their family, and within the community. Contact her here or call her at 919-604-0104. Also visit her at ChicksWhoKnow.

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