keep-calm-and-do-reiki-3Life is stressful; there’s no way around that, but you can manage your stress so it won’t manage you! That’s where Reiki comes in. What’s Reiki? Reiki is an ancient natural healing method that promotes balance and wellness. Reiki, applied with the hands by an attuned practitioner, addresses all levels of well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is highly effective for reducing stress, tension and pain, and for promoting specific healing on the self and others.

I’m now a Reiki Master Practitioner and practice in North Raleigh out of Triangle Massage Partners at 8384 Six Forks Road, Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27615. Email me for an appointment today!

Here’s my story about how I found Reiki. Enjoy!

If I had to describe myself in two words, I’m a lifelong student. Education is of paramount importance to me and it was to my parents. I try to learn something new every day from either books or the people I interact with. Learning the natural healing method of Reiki completely fits with who I am and what I want to leave behind to my children and to the younger generation.

I’ve also been fascinated with death from an early age. Perhaps I was fascinated because we weren’t supposed to talk about death and I didn’t attend any funerals until I was 34—true story! I saw Star Wars at age four and was immediately hooked on the Force, Luke, Leia, C3-P0, R2 and Han Solo. Perhaps because of my loneliness as a kid, I found an outlet and a friend in Star Wars, but at the time I didn’t know Reiki and the Force were linked. But perhaps my intuition did.

In college at Virginia Tech, I had a strange encounter with another student. As we crossed paths in the student union, she said, “You have a big blue halo!” I said thank you and wondered what she meant. I didn’t think she was crazy or weird or anything, but I didn’t know what to do with this information. So I tucked it away.

 I had first heard the word “Reiki” from the Body, Mind Spirit Shows I had attended with my best friend Jane in 2005-2007. In the Spring 2005 I was 32 years old. Sheila Smith-McCoy, my African American Literature professor, gave me a complimentary Reiki session at the show—she briefly explained how her hands were placed in a certain way to heal, but I didn’t feel anything. At the time I believe she was a Reiki Level II student. She also intrigued me by discussing hydrotherapy—now this was cool!  

Jane also told me about an educational center in North Raleigh that may be interested in partnering with me on my creative writing workshops. It was the Center for Women to Gather and Sister Mary Margaret Weber was its director. Sister Mary Margaret is a Reiki Level II practitioner. I remember meeting with her one week before my graduate thesis was due to my advisor. We were meeting about my upcoming course schedule and not about Reiki. I was going on about three hours of sleep after three days and my advisor was worried I wouldn’t be able to graduate that semester. But I had to graduate in the fall in order for me to get out of school and move on with my new work life. Sister Mary Margaret immediately did Reiki distant healing work on me (I didn’t really know what she was doing) and I was able to complete my thesis by the deadline. Sister Mary Margaret also gave us a shield of protection after she visited my husband, me and our new baby daughter Erin at Rex Hospital. As we were leaving the hospital on December 28th, 2007, wanting to make a left turn at the light, a car ran the red light. My husband hesitated and everything was fine. But if he hadn’t, the car would have slammed into us on Erin’s side. There was something to this Reiki thing.

My Reiki Master is Dr. Barnsley Brown, who studied under Rev. Mary Mooney, who studied under Virginia Samdahl, who studied under Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the United States. Dr. Barnsley taught my Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III/Master classes. She’s an excellent teacher when you’re ready to study the healing energy of Reiki!

How I Practice Reiki

Since then I’ve practiced Reiki on my son, Daniel, on myself and on inanimate objects such as my Subaru, computer printer, and laptop. I turn to Reiki when I’m waiting in traffic, when I’m frustrated by work or my children, when I need an extra boost of creativity at 3am or if my stomach or head is hurting.   

I use Reiki with my writing clients to help them brainstorm their writing and book ideas and to lead them into creative directions. I also feel the energy of Reiki when I’m performing or speaking in public. If I somehow forget my words or lose my focus, Reiki takes over and the right words flow out of my mouth.

As I’ve said before I’m a big Star Wars fan and I use Master Yoda’s wisdom to Luke “Do or do not. There is no try,” as my mantra as well as, “Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?” In the Star Wars universe, the Force is pure energy and helps bring about universal peace thanks to Luke Skywalker’s efforts. Reiki can also bring about world peace in our universe.

I’m a very intense person and since I’ve been studying Reiki, it has helped calm me down and focus without drugs! I know that I still have a lot of health and healing work to do on myself and my Reiki practice is helping my energy flow in the right direction. My Reiki practice has strengthened by intuition, which in turn helps my writing clients succeed. As a result, I’m able to see patterns, connections and get in touch with my vulnerabilities. After years of trying to find a way to see beyond our physical world, I’ve found how to reach Spirit through Reiki.


May the Reiki Be With You! Always.

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