Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing out of Sync?Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing out of Sync? by Seth Godin

Here is another guestpost by writer/editor Dave Baldwin

If you’re in business for yourself and struggling to come up with new ideas to market your business, Meatball Sundae is a must-read. When I first read the book, it took center stage in my thought process when it came to marketing myself and my business. From a business owner’s perspective, this book will pay for itself immediately in the form of saving you time. It will help you to see what you can immediately stop doing in your business.

Godin’s “Meatball Sundae” phenomenon, after which the book takes its name, is the process of using new market techniques to promote the same old business. I began to appreciate just how many different ways I was doing exactly what Godin discussed. The book hit me right between the eyes. I was busy trying to learn flashy new moves, but unwilling to change the fundamental nature of who I was. The business community saw right through my gimmicks, but until I read this book, I didn’t see the extent of the insanity I was engaging in.

When I read Meatball Sundae, I began to appreciate that I was actively expending time and energy to do things that were diluting, even damaging my brand image. Just to name one example, I was guilty of engaging in “networking frenzy” at the time when I read Meatball Sundae. I would sometimes attend as many as four business networking events in a single day. I’d measure my success by the number of business cards distributed and the number of “one-on-one’s” I scheduled over coffee with other business owners. Somehow, I neglected the minor detail that very little of this activity was leading to any paying clients.

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Dave Baldwin is a freelance writer and editor in Raleigh, NC. Baldwin has written three books, including Get That Book Out of Your Head.

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