Book Reviews

Book Reviews for The Pedestal Magazine

  • “Show Up, Look Good” by Mark Wisniewski
  • “Takes Guts and Years Sometimes: New and Selected Poems” by Linda Lerner
  • “Seriously Dangerous” by Helen Losse
  • “The Next Moment” by Debra Kaufman
  • “Green Daughters” by Diana Pinckney
  • “Catcher, Caught” by Sarah Collins Honenberger
  • “Two Birds in Flame” by Kelley Jean White, Dec 2010
  • “Punching Through the Egg of Space” by Richard Allen Taylor, Oct 2010
  • “Green Revolver” by Worthy Evans, Aug 2010.
  • “Girl on a Bridge” by Suzanne Frischkorn, June 2010.
  • “Now Playing” by Shellie Zacharia. April 2010.
  • “Sagittarius Agitprop” by Mark Gavin Frank. Oct 2009.
  • “Fair Creatures of an Hour” by Lynn Levin, Oct 2009.
  • “Child of the South” by Joanne Catherine Scott, Aug. 2009.
  • “Howling on Red Dirt Roads” by Sara Claytor, Feb. 2009.
  • “The High Heart” by Joseph Bathanti, Feb. 2009.
  • “Before the Light Changes” by Irene Blair Honeycutt, Dec. 2008.

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