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Heroes without CapesHeroes without Capes
Heroes without Capes by Alice Osborn (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2015)

Heroes without Capes is about the classic struggle against daunting obstacles and how we reach deep down to discover our own heroic natures. Within this collection of dramatic monologues and narrative poems, you’ll meet famous and infamous figures from history, myth and pop culture who show varying degrees of heroism and loneliness.

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Creatures of HabitatCreatures of Habitat
Creatures of Habitat: A Main Street Rag Anthology, Edited by Alice Osborn (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2015)

“Our home can house our greatest triumphs and tragedies. Is buying a home still part of the American Dream—or was it always a fantasy fueled by someone else’s desires? Why are so much of our identities tied up to where we live and how big or little our house is? Because these questions nag at me and have become a theme in my previously published work, for this anthology I chose the theme of homes and houses and selected authors who possess a keen eye.”—Alice Osborn

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BookTattoos_Thumb Tattoos, A Short Fiction Anthology
Order Tattoos: A Short Fiction Anthology, Edited by Alice Osborn (Main Street Rag Publishing Company)

“Enjoy these stories told by 15 talented authors from across the country. See yourself in their characters and in their ink. In some way, we are all misfits according to someone.”—Alice Osborn

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Poetrio Featuring Alice Osborn After the Steaming Stops
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Order After the Steaming Stops (Main Street Rag Publishing Company)

“This is a book crammed with images, explicit descriptions, characters and emotions. It needs to be read.”—Sara Claytor

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Unfinished Projects Book CoverUnfinished Projects
Order Alice’s poetry book,Unfinished Projects(Main Street Rag Publishing Company)

“This is a poet whose sensibilities you can trust, who gives you the truth and dares you to drink it straight.” —Keith Flynn, editor of The Asheville Poetry Review

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Alice Osborn will help you get your novel published and adored by your readers

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Alice Osborn
Alice is a sought-after professional editor and published author who can help you get famous through publication.

She will help you achieve success and confidence with editing, writing workshops, and mentoring to help you achieve your writing goals.

If you need one-on-one coaching, Alice offers mentoring that can turn you from a writer into an author. She is an expert you can trust and who will be honest and fair with you.

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