famale holding an open flip phoneHow do you best connect with your clients? Are you a phone or an email person? I’m definitely an email person and here’s why!


  • I only learned about how greet on the phone AFTER I was rude to my flute teacher at age 11. Instead of saying, “Hi, this is Alice. How are you?” I launched into, “When is my flute lesson!” Of course my mom witnessed this shameful episode and I had to call Ms. Kilpatrick back immediately and apologize. To avoid my son going through the same humiliation, I coach him how to greet on the phone before he calls anyone.


  • After college I held several low paying receptionist jobs (that’s an oxymoron, right?) and also did a lot of phone recruiting when I was President of the Virginia Tech Alumni Chapter in Charleston. I think making phone calls brings on these flashbacks. I also made a lot of calls when I was a makeup lady, but these weren’t as bad.



  • Back when I became a mom over a decade ago, any phone call would bring my kid out of his slumber and turn him into a banshee. So I stopped calling folks and became an email junkie. I still avoid calls when my kids are at home and if this isn’t avoidable, I lock myself up in the upstairs bathroom or garage or car so they can’t find me.



  • As a writer and introvert (ha, another oxymoron!) I prefer gathering my thoughts up on paper first before I go all improv on the phone.



  • I feel that phone calls can waste time and you can get to the point faster via email. I have my phone on “silent” and if someone leaves a message, that message pops up on my email thanks to Google Voice.



  • I screen all of my calls unless that person’s name pops up on my Caller ID. I never pick up out of area calls unless I know them; I’m so afraid of spam. If it’s a “real” person I call them back immediately and know what they need based on their message.



When are phone calls better than emails:


  • You can get info fast and not waste time on writing emails or long texts.


  • When getting to know clients, phone calls and Skype video chats are definitely better



  • Depending on if the other person is a Baby Boomer or a Mature, phone calls do help build rapport and trust. On the other hand, if the person is a Generation X or Millennial, then emails or texts (respectively) are best.



Your Turn:
Do you prefer emails or phone calls and why? I want to hear from you!