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writing fiction
Poetry is not for the faint-hearted-you have to be vulnerable and smart with your language, but when you create a strong poem it will resonate with your audience forever. Alice will help you sharpen your language, style, meaning, and imaginative voice. She has been publishing her poetry for twenty years as well as teaching and editing it so she knows how to take you from good to great. Poetry should surprise, inspire, and even make your reader laugh! Poetry is Alice’s favorite genre and always will be

Alice Osborn will help you get your novel published and adored by your readers

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Alice Osborn
Alice is a sought-after professional editor and published author who can help you get famous through publication.

She will help you achieve success and confidence with editing, writing workshops, and mentoring to help you achieve your writing goals.

If you need one-on-one coaching, Alice offers mentoring that can turn you from a writer into an author. She is an expert you can trust and who will be honest and fair with you.

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