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How do I get my book published?

Where do I submit my manuscript?

Where do I submit my manuscript?

Should I get an agent to help me publish my book?

These are just a few questions almost every aspiring author asks about getting their book published. The bottom line is that there is no ONE right way.  It depends, in part, on the type of book you are writing.

  • Fiction and memoirs follow a different path to publishing than non-fiction.
  • The type of book you write determines the publishers for your manuscript.
  • The type of book you write may require an agent or simply a query letter
  • Alice will tell you the best way to go for your book.  She can even help you find an agent that is best suited for your book.

What is a query letter? What is the best way to write one?

Alice to the rescue! Most publishers require a query letter before they will even look at your manuscript.

Yes, there is way to write a query letter that gets high response rates from agents and Alice is well versed in this area. Alice will help you write a query letter that will get you published.

An agent responds to your query letter and requests your manuscript. Great job! Now what?

Alice will tell what to do to get your manuscript on the top of the agent’s pile. It’s not as simple as just simply sending your manuscript to the agent.

What about self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a viable option to getting your book published, but a decision that requires serious consideration. Let Alice tell you more…

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