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Who uses a book writing coach?

alice speaking at book writing eventMany people have the desire to write a book, but few actually get around to doing it. Those who start writing their book often encounter problems, which leads to writer’s block, procrastination or a loss of focus in the book.

This is where the services of an experienced and accomplished book writing coach like Alice Osborn can be invaluable.

Typically, most people who use a writing coach are people who are not professional writers but feel they have a book inside them that wants to come out. They may have had a book in them since they were a kid or have a wealth of valuable experience and insight that they want to share with a large audience. In any event, they are usually people who do not write for a living, but want to write a book anyways.

A book coach like Alice Osborn helps people bring their book to the next level – and beyond – regardless of where they are in the book writing process. From developing your characters and storyline to getting your book published – Alice Osborn is the one to turn to.

writing coachAlice will help you:

  1. Clarify your writing goals
    • Why do you want to write a book?
    • Who do you want to reach?
    • What effect do you want your writing to have on your readers?
  2. Overcome writers block
  3. Get to the next step – wherever you are in the writing process.
  4. Develop your characters, plot and other ideas.
  5. Break through fear and anxiety that can come with a big project like writing a book.
  6. Find the time to write your book.
  7. Find your writing voice
  8. Keep your readers engaged
  9. Formulate a work plan leading to your success
    • Weekly/monthly action plan
    • Accountability – professional support is invaluable
    • Overcome procrastination
  10. go from writer to author

Alice Osborn will help you get your novel published and adored by your readers

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Alice Osborn
Alice is a sought-after professional editor and published author who can help you get famous through publication.

She will help you achieve success and confidence with editing, writing workshops, and mentoring to help you achieve your writing goals.

If you need one-on-one coaching, Alice offers mentoring that can turn you from a writer into an author. She is an expert you can trust and who will be honest and fair with you.

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She's available via email or through her Contact Page.