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Alice has been a professional editor and book coach for almost two decades. She has edited all genres (nonfiction, fiction, children’s, poetry, screenwriting), but her specialty is historical fiction, memoir, and non-fiction.

Alice is the former editor of Wake Living magazine (2016-2018) where she edited and wrote up to six articles an issue for the quarterly publication. Alice has published four books of poetry and is currently working on a historical novel. She has been a member of the NC Writers’ Network for 20 years and have served on their Board of Trustees for the last ten.

Her strengths are finding what’s not there-she has an eye for plot holes, missing words, logic problems, as well as for smaller order issues such as punctuation, hyphens, and capitalization.

What makes Alice different from other editors is that she has also taught writing and writes herself. She offers a fair, but justified price for my services and also offers a qualified proofreader to proof your book after she edits it.

“No matter how capable you are as a writer and proofreader, you can’t accomplish your best writing entirely by yourself. Producing an exceptional book requires skills…beyond the capabilities of even the best writers. Skimping on editing—even for the most experienced writer—is a  surefire way to diminish the quality of your final product.”

David Bricker

Alice Osborn will help you get your novel published and adored by your readers

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Alice Osborn
Alice is a sought-after professional editor and published author who can help you get famous through publication.

She will help you achieve success and confidence with editing, writing workshops, and mentoring to help you achieve your writing goals.

If you need one-on-one coaching, Alice offers mentoring that can turn you from a writer into an author. She is an expert you can trust and who will be honest and fair with you.

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