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How to Write Fiction

Just about anybody can write a book, but not as many can get it published. If you want your fiction book to be published, Alice Osborn is the fiction writing expert to turn to for practical real-world advice that will get your cherished novel published.

If you are serious about writing a novel AND getting it published, you have to be fully committed. You can not have an “I’ll see how it goes” attitude. It will require a seemingly endless number of edits and rewriting. You can’t just decide to sit down one day and just start writing a book. You need to have a proven strategy not only to get your book written, but written well enough to be published. There is no one better to turn to about writing and editing fiction than Alice Osborn.

6 Fiction Essentials

  • Your main character must want something intensely
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Reveal background information on the characters via dialogue/action
  • Create an interior monologue (reflection) to let the characters do the explaining while they are thinking
  • Is the point of view working? This is BIG!
  • Reveal background information gradually, not all at once.

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editing fiction

Fiction Editing Involves

  • timelines
  • characters
  • point of view
  • revision

Additional Aspects of Editing Fiction

  • logic & flow
  • voice & point of view
  • characterization
  • setting
  • and more…

Alice Osborn will help you get your novel published and adored by your readers

Alice is THE professional editor and published author to help you get famous through publication.

Alice Osborn, Raleigh AuthorShe will help you achieve success and confidence with editing, writing workshops, and mentoring to help you achieve your writing goals. If you need one-on-one coaching, Alice offers mentoring that can turn you from a writer into an author. She is THE expert you can trust and who will be honest and fair with you.

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