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Special thanks to a 2019 Professional Development Grant from the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County for making this CD possible. Upbeat tempos, poignant lyrics, and powerful vocals charm these story songs in Searching for Paradise, all rooted in the singer-songwriter and folk/Americana tradition of the New South.

Here’s a listing of the album’s tracks and their length:

  1. High Noon 3:22
  2. Old Derelicts 2:59
  3. Angels’ Share 3:15
  4. Amelia, Don’t Leave 3:18
  5. The Ballad of Vince Foster 3:42
  6. Radio Man 3:10
  7. Supplication 4:30
  8. The Trail 4:51
  9. The Siege of Derry   4:10
  10. Searching for Paradise  5:28
  11. Never Take No Shortcuts   2:25
  12. William Eddy 3:22


Produced by Matt Brechbiel

©Alice Osborn 2019/All Songs BMI

This CD is filled with story folk songs about heroes who did the right thing when no one was watching.

Ten of my songs on Searching for Paradise are newer songs—songs that weren’t included on Old Derelicts and I’m very proud of this. These 12 songs are about historical events ranging from the Trail of Tears to Amelia Earhart’s last flight, to Theodosia Burr’s death at the hands of NC pirates (Aaron Burr’s daughter), to three Donner Party-related songs. In fact, my newest song on this album, “William Eddy” was written in April 2019.

An experienced performer in the Piedmont Area who always brings a great variety of easy listening folk Americana that’s rooted in the New South, Alice Osborn’s music is truly homegrown filled upbeat tempos, poignant lyrics, and powerful vocals. An accomplished poet, she incorporates American history, especially the spirit of the Old West and Manifest Destiny, as well as the call of home and identity, to influence her folk vibe on acoustic guitar. Heroes without Capes is her most recent collection of poetry and Searching for Paradise is her most recent CD featuring crowd-pleasing favorite originals. Previous poetry collections are After the Steaming Stops and Unfinished Projects. Alice is the recipient of a United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County 2019 Professional Development Grant; she is also the artist-in-residence for the Western Wake Farmers’ Market, a senior docent at the NC Museum of History, and she also plays Celtic fiddle and bluegrass banjo. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, and four birds all named after musicians. Visit Alice’s website at and check out her music at

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