Today we welcome back Coach Olga Monroe who blogs about taking a big leap~Enjoy!

Last month, while attending the Yoga Synergy Workshop I worked with a new friend, Jamie. While making casual conversation, we each asked what the other had been up to recently. It turns out that Jamie had just gone skydiving for the first time in her life and she was planning on going again over the 4th of July holiday weekend. A mixture of curiosity and excitement got the best of me and I immediately asked her if I could tag along the next time she went. So, about a month later, on Sunday morning, July 3, Jamie and I headed out to Triangle Skydiving Center for my first skydiving experience.


Knowing for the past month that I would finally go skydiving caused a reaction in and of itself. My old system of “agreements” consisted of nervousness, fear, and eager anticipation—the equivalent of swarms of butterflies fluttering throughout my system. In the past, I might have rambled on about my anxiety as a way of seeking others’ opinions, energy, and feedback. This time, I chose to keep the adventure to myself and, of course, Jamie. This gave me the luxury to create my own experience versus my old tried-and-true approach of having others create it for me. Trust me that this was not easy!


I have been exercising this new muscle of self-containment over the last couple of years. I am happy to say that it paid off in spades when the time finally came to go skydiving. My new approach was also instrumental for the friendship I was developing with Jamie. While we drove out to Triangle Skydiving Center, we both learned a lot more about each other, which further deepened our connection and awareness of one another.


When we got to the Center, the first thing we had to do was go through a series of waivers and watch a DVD designed to disclose, frighten, and “talk you out of” taking the jump. Guess they leave little room for any lingering doubt! Once the formalities were behind us, we went to the observation deck to watch other skydivers take their turns. Eventually, our names were called and we met our Tandem Jumping Masters. Jamie’s partner was the owner, Greg, and mine was John.


As John went through the process of fitting, securing and checking my equipment, he taught me the basic how’s, why’s, and what’s of skydiving. John had spent years in the medical profession and turned his skydiving hobby into a profession.


“Why do you skydive?” I asked him.


“While I am up in the sky, there are no problems, bills, issues, or DRAMA!” he said.


I felt as if I understood his statement perfectly, even without having tried the experience myself—yet!


I listened intently to every instruction that John gave to me. Eventually, we all went to the hangar, boarded the plane, and took off to the sky. I felt a combination of security, calmness, and excitement throughout the flight. I felt comforted by John’s instructions and the knowledge that everyone around me had already done this before—I was the only newbie. I also noticed that the experienced jumpers around me were more relaxed and joyous than most people I know day-to-day walking around on the solid ground.


So, armed with the affirmation that everything was going to be OK, I soaked up every detail that my senses could process. At first, I was focused mostly on the visual aspects of the experience, but when the plane got to the desired altitude, my visual, emotional, and kinesthetic senses all clicked together at once and came in sync.


All of a sudden, jumpers started rolling out of the plane like people escaping a fire through the nearest exit. Then, it was my turn to take the plunge. THANK GOD for John. We were attached as closely as Siamese twins. As we crept to the door, my mind kept repeating his directions like a spin cycle on a washing machine—right knee down and keep my sight to the sky.


Next thing I knew, we were free falling through the bright blue, vivid, and rich sky.




I have to admit that the first few seconds included the tiniest drops of fear, but the love, beauty, and joy of the moment naturally flooded the fear out. It was simply the purest, most thrilling, and exhilarating experience ever! Knowing that I was so high above the ground and floating in the sky—a place so seemingly faraway and only “reachable” when I am in a plane—was surreal! We were all laughing, breathing, and enjoying this beauty of this experience and bonded by this unforgettable moment.


Eventually, John pulled the ripcord and our parachute opened.


There was a sudden jerk as it captured the air beneath it and proceeded to support us as we floated over the Earth. That is when I truly started to relax, look around, and slowly process what was happening. Oh, the expansiveness of the ground below me! I was able to take in the lay of the land, the limitless sky, and the surrounding atmosphere with absolute serenity. I noticed that without the parachute, I was completely in my body with only the air, and my fellow jumpers, around me to connect me to this world. When the parachute opened, I was able to maintain my sense of connection, but I also was able to add in my visual, mental, and emotional senses to the experience.


I am proud to say that I successfully followed all of John’s directions and even learned to land ourselves. I also got a superior report for the first entry in my Skydiver’s Logbook! But nothing beat the rush I felt of falling through the sky at 120 mph after jumping from a perfectly good airplane. Skydiving is an exhilarating and intense adrenaline rush. I now understand why John didn’t know—or need to know—what a Life Coach is. John exuded a happy, lighthearted, and exuberant energy. Thanks to him, I felt excited, safe, and aware of everything happening and what to expect. I felt I was living more “in the moment” than I have in a long time—and I loved it!


After I was safely back on solid ground—both feet firmly planted on the soil—I started wondering how I could hold on to this experience and learn from it, apply it to my life, and harness the feeling I felt while I was in the sky.


Your Turn:


What other lovely, beautiful, and joyous events are available to us, here on Earth, which we can use to strengthen or override the fearful, anxious, and nervous emotions that often throw us into inertia or depression? How can we add more adventure to our lives, or go outside our comfort zone to learn about ourselves a bit better?


About Coach Olga:

Olga is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach and Mentor who passionately inspires and motivates clients desiring to realize and achieve their life purpose to their fullest potential through a system of perspectives.  She encourages her clients to see the world and its many opportunities in a new way by learning to step fearlessly into their roles as leaders at work, in their family, and within the community.  Contact here here  919-604-0104

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