Law of Forgiveness Law of Forgiveness by Connie Domino

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What would you do to reach your greatest potential? To achieve your dreams and your goals? If you were told that all it took was forgiveness, would you believe it? In Connie Domino’s The Law of Forgiveness, she asserts that “The Law of Forgiveness” is a natural and universal law that has a set of predicatable properties, much like the Law of Gravity. By using The Law of Forgiveness to forgive (but not forget) the ones who have wronged you, you will release the pent-up anger within you so that this old energy will convert to new energy you will use to your advantage. Forgiveness is a kind, selfish act gives you back power and allows you to manifest what you want in your life. Domino not only explains the law and how it can be applied across religions, she also shows the reader how you can use it your own life.

This is the forgiveness affirmation to forgive others:

I forgive you completely and freely, I release you and let you go. So far as I’m concerned, the incident that happened between us is finished forever. I also wish the best for you. I wish for you your highest good. I hold you in the light. I am free and you are free, and all again is well between us. Peace be with you.

Domino discusses how you can use this affirmation in the privacy of your home, without having to face the people you need to forgive. In fact, the targets of forgiveness can even be dead and the law will still work! You know the law has worked when you feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders, and/or you manifest love and prosperity. Domino gives several examples of angry, hurt people who have enacted the Law of Forgiveness and have found that their objects returned into their lives to apologize or to work out better communication and interaction.

This book could have just been another how-to book filled with spirituality, but Domino makes it different by revealing much about her life and her forgiveness journey. Because she is vulnerable and tells us that she’s still working on some of her forgiveness issues, we automatically give her credibility. We immediately want to go to a quiet place, use visualization and manifest the powers of forgiveness.

After reading this book, I did have several instances in January where I needed to forgive clients, colleagues and family.  I closed my eyes and did the forgiveness affirmation and I felt a lot lighter. More positive things such as new client queries and a filled workshop soon followed. Some might account my good fortune to coincidence, but I know that it’s all part of univeral law. At the end of the book, Domino discusses how the power of prayer and forgiveness has changed dark outcomes, and how one person working on forgiving others can enact a global movement.

Yes, forgiveness does take work and does take time, but aren’t the outcomes of love and peace worth it?

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